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14 May 2013

Full-featured and high performing database management system.


cubeSQL (formely REAL Server) is a fully featured and high performance relational database management system built on top of the sqlite database engine. We developed the first commercial grade DBMS based on sqlite back in 2005 and over the years we continued to improve our server to better suit all our customer's needs. cubeSQL is the final result of all our efforts.

It is the ideal database server for both developers who want to convert a single user database solution to a multi-user project and for companies looking for an affordable, easy to use and easy to maintain database management system.

cubeSQL is incredibly fast, has a small footprint, is highly reliable and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux (32 bit and 64 bit for all platforms). cubeSQL can be accessed with PHP, JSON, REAL Studio and with the native C SDK.

cubeSQL is written in low level ANSI C so it can be easily ported to other operating systems. Based on SQLite

cubeSQL is based on SQLite, the most popular embedded database engine used by Google, Sun Microsystems, McAfee, Mozilla Firefox and Apple. SQLite is based on the SQL language standard, so if you know SQL you already know how to query cubeSQL.

One step sharing

In order to share your single user sqlite database file with thousands of clients or with your Web server, just drag the sqlite database file into the server's databases folder. That's all!Reliable and Fast

Because it is based on SQLite, cubeSQL is both highly reliable and fast. You never have to compromise when you use cubeSQL. You can easily turn any single user database application into a multi-user application in less than an hour.Easy to Use and Administer

Installing cubeSQL is incredibly easy. You will have it up and running in less than five minutes. Also, maintaining cubeSQL is just as easy with its graphical administration tool.

What's new in cubeSQLAdmin

Version 4.5.1:
  • Now requires OS X 10.6 or later
  • SERVER: Minimum client buffer size has been increased from 4KB to 16KB
  • SERVER: Added a new SET PREFERENCE MINIMUM_BUFFER_SIZE TO preference value to set clients buffer
  • SERVER: Updated sqlite to the latest version
  • SERVER: Fixed a JSON queries related buffer size issue
  • SERVER: Fixed a JSON related memory leak
  • SERVER: Fixed a SHELL schedule issue
  • SERVER: Some fixes to the scheduler subsystem
  • SERVER: Changed syntax for the RESET SCHEDULER custom command
  • SERVER: Introduced a new DATABASE_ADMIN privilege
  • SERVER: Fixed a rare crash (confirmed on Linux but it could affect all other platforms)
  • SERVER: Fixed all JSON UTF-8 encoding/escaping issues
  • SERVER: New token connection to disable third party apps to connect to a private server:
  • SET PREFERENCE 'SECRET_TOKEN' TO 'my_secret_token_string';
  • SERVER: Added a new AUTOMATIC_ROWID_ENABLED preference setting
  • ADMIN: Overall improvements
  • ADMIN: Improved Retina support on MacOS X
  • PHP: Fixed an issue due to empty recordset returned by JSON
  • PHP: Added the connect_database method
  • ADMIN: Other minor fixes and improvements
  • C SDK: Small fixes

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