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13 September 2011

Compile, execute and profile OpenCL kernels.


CLBuilder allows users to compile, execute and profile OpenCL kernels.
  • Editor with color syntax and code completion.
  • Build Settings
  • Host C Source code generator
  • Execution Log
  • Profiling
  • Device Information
  • Debug with printf() easily on CPU

What's new in CLBuilder

Version 1.12:
  • New application icon
  • New device informations (OpenCL 1.1)
  • Automatic detection of source kernel file modification (external editor)
  • Build information in Console (binary size, build options)
  • Execution information in Console (used local memory, max work group size, kernel preferred work group size multiple)
  • Add half support
  • Add sampler_t kernel argument support
  • Add support for vectors of 3 dimensions (OpenCL 1.1)
  • Add window informations of supported image formats
  • Check extension support before execution.

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