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29 September 2020

Universal database tool for interacting with databases.


DbSchema is a complete database management tool for the most popular relational databases which helps you discover and get control of databases that have simply evolved over time rather than having been built according to some overall design or "master plan". And there seem to be no shortage of answers as to why this occurs. Sometimes DBA's are just far too busy with loads of other tasks. Sometimes developers are under the gun for deliverables so quickly that there's just not time. Or, this project started just a couple new tables and then ballooned into a monster. Whatever the reason, the situation exists far too often in the real world of information systems.

Let's put this into perspective. Would you build a new house without a foundation? For sure you're not going to do that. The database is the foundation of the software, and a good database design will reflect in the quality of the software.

DbSchema provides the highest performance, scalability, and reliability to meet the requirements of today's database applications. It provides a various powerful tools for viewing, editing and document your schema.

What's new in DbSchema

Version 8.3.2:
  • Improve connection dialog. Now can choose to build URL automatic or manual.
  • PDF comments are easier to read
  • Integrate Azure Synapse
  • Integrate TimescaleDB
  • Support for MongoDb Views
  • SQL parser can deduce schema also from SQL Select statements. The Groovy scripts to start the parser has changed.
  • MongoDB virtual foreign keys work also from/to sub-documents.
  • Improve appearance
  • Support Postgres Constraints 'DEFERREABLE' and 'INITIALLY DEFERRED'
  • Migrate to latest SqlServer, PostgreSQL and MySql JDBC drivers
  • Add Schema / Sync Settings dialog, with DDL pre/post scripts and sync filter. Pre and post scripts are migrated from local settings to project.
  • Add Groovy Code Samples Dialog. Accessible from SQL Editor menu and Sync Settings Dialog.
  • Improve Data Export Task for better compatibility with all databases
  • Save the model file in the same folder as the one where it has been open
  • Issue when generating PDF documentation
  • Postgres reverse engineer timestamp
  • Postgres reverse engineer identity columns

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4 Reviews of DbSchema

06 May 2020
Version: 8.2.10

Most helpful

The mac damange issues are fixed, they required some Apple software notarization which are now in place. New features, databases and tools are now also available.
09 July 2020
Version: 8.2.12
I use it for Snowflake and I can say that is one of the best design tools I have ever tried. I especially like the visual interface and that I can interact with the diagram. It has a great price also!
06 May 2020
Version: 8.2.10
The mac damange issues are fixed, they required some Apple software notarization which are now in place. New features, databases and tools are now also available.
15 September 2012
Version: 6.1
I downloaded the .DMG file, mounted it, dragged the Installer app to the Desktop, and launched it from there. Error message that the file is damaged. Tried the whole process twice.
01 July 2011
Version: 5.7
Easy to use and one of the best tools out there.
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  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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