1.6.3 28 Oct 2017

Observe the sky like a pro.


Developer website: Cedric Follmi

iObserve makes your preparation of astronomical observations a breeze. It gathers automatically and easily all the information you need when observing the sky with small and big telescopes. It has been built from the ground up by an experienced professional astronomer. iObserve also provides its famous times bar with Local Time, UTC, (Modified) Julian Date and the Local Mean Sidereal Time of an observatory you can choose. A place to store astronomy-related websites is also provided, as well as a full-screen mode.

  • Resolve an object coordinates with SIMBAD
  • Access automatically its aliases, magnitudes, and NASA ADS references
  • Display the equatorial, celestial, galactic coordinates, in whatever epoch and units
  • Access the ViziR catalogue pages, and ADS abstract page.
  • Draw its airmass curve for for about 90 builtin observatories on Earth
  • Draw simulatenously multiple airmass curves of different objects for comparison
  • Get the table of the selected objects sorted according to their time of minimum airmass
  • See the Moon's airmass curve in place, and its minimum separation to any object, when relevant
  • Observe the airmass curve over a night whose length and shift can be largely customized to even satisfy radio astronomers!
  • Slide easily the night date to match future's observing dates
  • Find automatically for you the closest Landolt and UKIRT standard stars
  • Know how much time an object spends above a given altitude during the night
  • Get the time and length of the nights for 4 different twilights limits
  • Perform searches in the object's references

If you have your own astronomical observatory, being a remote amateur or professional observatory, or simply your backyard, simply enter its coordinates, and you will be able to use it like any other built-in observatory.

What's New

Version 1.6.3:
  • Fixed the blocking drag-and-drop problem
  • Added the observatories in the 5 continents: Alston, CSO, FOA, Etelman, Elginfield, Frome, Ganton, HHAO, Holcomb, Hotchkiss, Kourovka, LRTO, LSU, Moore UoL, Mount John, NHAO, OMSH, Oukaïmeden, PGAO, Pico Veleta, Piombino, Red Rock, ROE, Shawnigan, USFC, VERITAS, Winer, WIRO, WMO
  • Fixed a few old spurious warnings detectable when running the app from the Terminal


  • OS X 10.9 or later


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28 Oct 2017
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