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Bosco's Reader

26 April 2011

Makes Twitter accessible.


Bosco's Reader makes Twitter accessible to the rest of us. I designed it for my Mom, who constantly hears about Twitter on the TV shows she watches, but has been too overwhelmed to sign up. Even if you are a rabid Twitter user, Bosco's Reader makes it easy to organize and keep up with people you want to follow. And if you're a compulsive organizer, Bosco's Reader lets you share your collections of people to follow with other users.

Our website has an introduction video and some getting started videos that show the features of the product and how to make it work. I hope you will take a look at Bosco's Reader and that it will become a way for you or maybe your Mom to keep up with your favorite people on Twitter!

-Brad Hutchings, The Developer

What's new in Bosco's Reader

Version 2.0:
  • New embedded browser! Read tweets and follow links in the same window.
  • Sign into Twitter for higher rate limit, replying, retweeting, and sending tweets.
  • Welcome Window helps you organize your Bosco's Reader documents.

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