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System-i DBcompare Lite free download for Mac

System-i DBcompare Lite1.1.5

26 November 2019

Compare database structures.


DB Compare helps you compare the structures of two different databases. The first level of comparison is that of all the tables; the second is field-by-field. Please note that comparison will be made only for the structure (tables and fields) and not for the field content.

Supported database types are:

  • MySql
  • RealServer
  • CubeSQLServer
  • SQLite

Comparison can also be made between two different types of database (e.g., MySQL and SQLite).

The result comes with three levels of alert:

  • Table OK - means that the table is nominated in both databases, it contains the same fields and the same type
  • Table not OK - means that the table is missing in one of the two databases
  • Field not OK - the table contains a difference between one or more fields. Click on the line to see what differences there are (a field may be missing or different type).

Lite version compares only the first 2 tables

What's new in System-i DBcompare Lite

Version 1.1.5:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later

  • Catalina improvements

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