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03 December 2014

Multi-platform Dropbox enabled text editor.


Compositions is a multi-platform Dropbox enabled text editor designed for Mac OS and iOS, with a focus on content creation.

How to use this app:

The Mac OS version is a perfect counterpart to the iOS version and is offered for free so that you can easily view, edit and save changes to your Compositions documents. The two distinct apps are designed to work in concert with one another, so that you can stay mobile with all your docs.

The iOS Version is now on sale for just $0.99! Edit your documents on the go from your iPad or iPhone.

You can use the snapshot feature to freeze versions of your document, so that you can easily revert back to them if you ever have the need. Snapshots are saved along with the file, and carried from device to device.


To keep files in sync from your Mac to your iOS device, make sure to save your files in the folder your app uses. By default this is in your root Dropbox folder, named /CompositionsApp


  • Snapshots: Version your document with ease
  • Minimal design: Focus just on your content
  • Dropbox support: Use Dropbox to keep your files in sync across all your devices
  • Export to text (.txt) at any time
  • iOS Inspired Shortcuts: Double tap space bar to enter a period. Use autocorrect to fix common misspellings.

What's new in Compositions

Version 3.0.0:
  • New icon to match iOS version
  • Bug fixes related to snapshots
  • Bug fix when trying to edit text at the start of a document

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2 Reviews of Compositions

26 March 2011
Version: 1.00

Most helpful

Simple and stable. Evernote is more capable, but this is quick and effective.
19 April 2012
Version: 1.100
Easy enough to install (creating a sync folder on Dropbox was not automatic) and simple to use. Proprietary files ... So you have to 'export' to plain text (.txt) to fully share via Dropbox. There is better (Notesy for one), but this is free. Not bad.
26 March 2011
Version: 1.00
Simple and stable. Evernote is more capable, but this is quick and effective.