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Kiwix0.9 rc2

29 December 2012

Offline reader for Web content.


Kiwix is an offline reader for Web content. It's especially thought to make Wikipedia available offline. This is done by reading the content of the project stored in a file format ZIM, a high compressed open format with additional meta-data. Kiwix uses the Mozilla framework and is available in more than 80 languages. It has full text search, tabbed navigation and possibility to export articles to PDF and HTML.

Kiwix is a free software (GPL3), that means you can freely copy, modify and spread it.

What's new in Kiwix

Version 0.9 rc2:
  • FIXED: kiwix-manage generate wrong size for splitted ZIM files (ID: 3547892)
  • FIXED: kiwix-install crashes
  • FIXED: kiwix-serve memory leak on ARM (ID: 3538663)
  • FIXED: Open link in new tab from the right-click contextual menu (ID: 3553735)
  • FIXED: Hide bookmarks sidebar in the "library view" (ID: 3555848)
  • FIXED: Better landing page loading in kiwix-plug (by introducing ip forwarding)
  • FIXED: Unclean Windows Registery after uninstalling (ID: 3467455)
  • FIXED: Problems in creating PDF/HTML from tabs (#362)
  • FIXED: Kiwix crashes on MS/Windows with "special" files (#317)
  • FIXED: 0.9rc1 broken Drag&Drop of files (regression)
  • FIXED: Multiple bugs impacting kiwix-plug scripts
  • FIXED: Server URL computation - was buggy in a few special cases (#363)
  • FIXED: *.zimaa files management (improved)
  • FIXED: Indexing progression computation (more accurate)
  • FIXED: "verbose" mode in kiwix-install, kiwix-index and kiwix-serve
  • FIXED: Ugly 16x16 kiwix icon
  • FIXED: Broken suggestion/search textbox with "syllable input mode"
  • FIXED: Buggy kiwix-manage remove feature
  • FIXED: Internet Explorer compatibility with kiwix-serve.
  • FIXED: Sporadicaly dying (serving big contents) kiwix-serve (#371)
  • FIXED: 64bits kiwix crashes on Archlinux (#365)
  • FIXED: Buggy filtering by size in the library
  • FIXED: Weak windows handling with small screen resolution
  • FIXED: kiwix- console tools do not start on OSX
  • NEW: New supported user interface languages: Zazaki (diq), Javanese (jv), Khmer (km), Urdu (ur), Burmese (my), South Azerbaijani (azb)
  • NEW: CTRL+R to load random article (ID: 3549370)
  • NEW: Improved server dialog window
  • NEW: "Inverted colors" feature (ID: 3551975)
  • NEW: Internationalisation of kiwix-plug welcome page (en, fr, de)
  • NEW: Start Kiwix from the console with -search cmd line argument (ID: 3538176)
  • NEW: Search suggestions in kiwix-serve (ID: 2945983)
  • NEW: Xulrunner 14.0.1 (instead of 12)
  • NEW: Desktop shortcut creation in Windows installer
  • NEW: Ask to load content at the end of a download (ID: 3563964)
  • NEW: if "/M/Description" empty, check "/M/Subtitle" (used by Mediawiki Collection ext.)
  • NEW: Windows compilation using Visual Studio 2010
  • NEW: kiwix-serve (HTTP server) for MS/Windows (#140)
  • NEW: Persistent bookmark set over sessions (#188)

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3 Reviews of Kiwix

23 March 2011
Version: 0.9 alpha8

Most helpful

The best wikipedia offline reader
20 June 2016
Version: 0.9 rc2
Perfect when away from the net.
24 August 2014
Version: 0.9 rc2
Excellent, offline and with images, now at least MacOS is on par with the similar apps on tablets :-)
23 March 2011
Version: 0.9 alpha8
The best wikipedia offline reader