Stereonet3D free download for Mac

Stereonet3D for Mac6.3

16 January 2021

Create scatter plots, contour diagrams and more (was OSXStereonet).

What is Stereonet3D for Mac

Stereonet3D (was OSXStereonet) plots lines and planes in spherical, equal angle or equal area, projections. The program can produce various types of plots such as scatter plots, great or small circle plots, arc segments, contour diagrams, rose diagrams, stereonets from any view direction, plots of latitude-longitude data (e.g. coastlines), a full screen 3D view of the spherical projection and data, and a Map/Satellite view of data with lat-long information.

In addition, the program can perform various operations, including calculating poles to planes, rotating planes and lines, constraining lines to lie on their respective planes, angle between lines or planes, cylindrical best fit, conical best fit, and mean vector. Data with lat-long information can be exported to Google Earth.

What's new in Stereonet3D

Version 6.3:
  • Minor changes to the documentation
  • Minor bug fixes and removal of deprecated methods
  • Compiled in Xcode 12.3

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Dec 6 2012
Dec 6 2012
Version: 2.6
Amazing Application. Easy to use and Free!