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VNC Connect

24 September 2019

Screen sharing to a remote computer.


VNC Connect is a server app that allows screen sharing to a remote computer anywhere in the world.

VNC Connect is simple to use, which makes it even easier to deploy to everyone in your organization. There's no bloat, so you're not paying for features you don't need.

The quoted price is for the Professional subscription, for one computer per year, with discounts for volume and duration. Additional pricing info can be found here.

Note: Requires VNC Viewer for a remote client computers.

What's new in VNC Connect

Version 6.6.0:
  • High-quality audio streaming for computers running VNC Server 6.6.0+ with a Professional or Enterprise subscription, for a fully immersive remote access experience.
  • Added support for MacOS Catalina.

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Easy to use and fast as thunder. Available for multiple platforms. I'm using RealVNC since nearly 10 years.
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Version 5.1.0
Ervins Strauhmanis
17 January 2019
I switched to RealVNC's VNC Connect from TeamViewer, and Chrome Remote Desktop for purpose of connecting to my desktop computer remotely and RealVNC's solution works very well for me. TeamViewer was not working reliably for me and sometimes I was not able to connect to my desktop when I needed to. The same, in my experience, was true with Chrome Remote Desktop—sometimes it would fail me. So I have been using these 2 services concurrently to have a backup when 1 of them fails. But what to do when they both fail at the same time? I searched for other solutions. One notable solution was AnyDesk, which worked quite well for me, but RealVNC's VNC Connect took the crown as it was more customizable for my needs and faster too. Do note though, that VNC Connect requires more effort to set up as well. And in my case, I needed to open a port on my router, and to set up Dynamic DNS—something that you wouldn't normally do when using TeamViewer, for example. Reliability and speed do trump an initial set up phase of VNC Connect still.
Version 6.4.0
16 February 2017
One of my favorite utility apps. I have been using RealVNC for over 5 years now, and it has proven itself as a reliable tool for my everyday use.
Version 6.0.2
Easy to use and fast as thunder. Available for multiple platforms. I'm using RealVNC since nearly 10 years.
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Version 5.1.0
01 December 2013
Tried all the others and they did not do what I wanted, as easily as I wanted. "Use my Acer laptop to access MacMini in Lounge to control SkyGo, BTSport, BBCiPlayer without having to change screens or interupt wife from watching a terestrial channel." Then being able to just change source and being in the viewing location I need. Could of course do this from a iPad but am waiting for next generation to come out. The paid personal version I use allows super fast connection from Win7 and gives great visuals and keyboard response. I use it with my WiFi connection as well. I had occasion to contact the support desk and had my connection problem sorted in seconds. This software was developed in Cambridge here in England, by a couple of boffins and from what I have read is constantly under development. Highly recomended.
Version 5.0.6
08 August 2013
Better late than never - this was released way back in March!
Version 5.0.5
22 April 2011
Best VNC client/server combo out there by far (and I've tried them all many times). Fast, reliable, configurable, and cross platform. Well worth the money for the Enterprise edition of the server.
Version 4.6.0