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20 December 2019

Media player plays almost every media file.


Redesigned from the ground up, SPlayer combines revolutionary functions with all-new lightweight design and incredible performance to let you enjoy your videos like never before. Embracing the value of tearing down the language boundaries and cultural divides to facilitate the communication all around the world, the brand new SPlayer brings subtitle and translation into one place, so you can watch any video in your preferred language no matter who you are or where you are.

A fully functional media player able to play almost every kind of video files. The supported formats include mpg, mpeg, mpeg 2, vob, dat, mp4, m4v, ts, rm, rmvb, wmv, asf, mkv, avi, 3gp, 3g2, flv, mov, h264/x264, h265/x265/HEVC 1080p/720p HD video etc.

Evolutionary Design
  • The all-new SPlayer smashes the bonds of traditional thinkings and habits that shackle your mind, by using the most avant-garde and forward design, and infusing the element of efficiency and practicability, to dedicate ultimate immersive experience to you.
Powerful Media Player
  • SPlayer includes a massive collection of optimized video decoders, so it can automatically recognize any video files such as H.265, MKV, MPG, AVI, WMV, VP8, VP9, VP10. etc.
Smart Translation System
  • SPlayer has an in-built translation system that integrates real-time voice recognition and NLP (Natural Language Prosessing) technology to help you add caption and find subtitles online so you can enjoy videos in your preferred language.
Safer and More Private
  • SPlayer is an open-source software, which means the code is publicly accessible, open to everyone's audit and completely safe. Besides safety, SPlayer is designed from the ground up to protect your personal information. Your personal data belongs to you, not others.
Seamless Experience
  • SPlayer is a cross-platform software, you can get seamless experience no matter your platform is Windows or macOS.

What's new in SPlayer

Version 4.8.0:

This is a recommended update, which includes improvements of multiple features and functions, and fixes some issues with compatibility and user interface

  • Video less than 60 seconds will be played in single-loop-mode by default
  • Restyled the design of customized channels in the browser mode
  • Added a new built-in editor for subtitles and timeline with real-time preview
  • Premium users can download online video unlimitedly
  • Support for H/W decoding for HEVC (H.265) compression standard videos
  • A toggle switch for H/W decoding in the preference
  • Support for downloading online videos
  • Support for submitting bug reports
  • Support for amplifying the volume to 500%
  • Support for exporting local subtitle files after adjusting the delay
  • The fluency of resuming playback
  • A bug where the generated thumbnails might have black borders
  • Rare failures where regenerating AI translation was not working correctly

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31 March 2019

Most helpful

VLC is free - IINA is free - you can get a free version of mPlayer X . . . they all do the same thing without paying a $2 fee - tell me what convincing superior feature this application has?
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Version 4.1.5
31 March 2019
VLC is free - IINA is free - you can get a free version of mPlayer X . . . they all do the same thing without paying a $2 fee - tell me what convincing superior feature this application has?
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Version 4.1.5
26 September 2015
I have tried most of known media players for OSX all of them has their own special features etc. but this makes the job. Just pick a movie file and believe me SplayerX will play it. You can add subtitles or change language (if within the movie) While supporting all kind of file formats it keeps it really simple. This is a very good alternative for those who looks for media player classic on OSX. Simplistic interface but plays any kind of file format. Like it.
Version 1.2.5
05 November 2014
This comment says it is related to MplayerX Tomasen / SPlayerX — Bitbucket An experiential Mac OSX project of SPlayer. Smart subtitle matching. A fork of MplayerX hg.splayer.org/splayerx/overview
Version 1.2.1
25 October 2014
yes so useless if no support for external subtitles (.srt)
Version 1.1.9
27 February 2014
Does not play external .srt subtitles. So useless, if those are needed.
Version 1.1.8
30 August 2013
Just as an aside, the links I posted in an earlier review still work, so if you want 'SPlayer for Free'.. you have SPlayerX-1097.zip dated to July 2013... which for OSS (Open Source Software) is pretty good. I don't see anything 'smarmy' about forking a project & then putting it up in the MAS for a couple bucks. The dev has posted & seems to update the free downloads, which is 'polite' for OSS. If anything you're just paying for the Dev's license for the year (remember, Apple takes 1/3). Even 'free' devs have to eat. If these guys are students more so.
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Version 1.1.6
2 answer(s)
04 September 2013
The free version lacks the stability and updates that the app store version gets. Also if I'm not mistaken the free version is still not compatible with Mavericks and the app store version is. It's really sad that some people here don't bother to do a little research before accusing the developer of ripping MPlayerX when this is a FORKED project which perfectly fine and legal to do. MPlayerX has not been updated in over a year and may be a dead project. I'm glad SPlayerX picked up where MPlayerX has left off.
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11 September 2013
@ Leoofborg You'll be pleased to hear that the latest version 1.1.8 is now also downloadable from the link you gave earlier.
03 December 2011
nice job we can do it guys make some stuff..oh w8 sec aha somebody makes something n then we steal it the important thing is that thing is crap =)))) :))))
Version 1.1.4
27 November 2011
Money-grubbing scum selling a HALFASSED VERSION OF MPLAYERX, which is 10 times better and 100 times FREE-ER! For a laugh, go read their website (link above), which doesn't have a single true statement on it! The fact that the crApp Store carries this is the only proof you'll ever need that Apple has lost its way — the inevitable product of too much success mixed with greed and paternalistic megalomania. Shame.
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Version 1.1.4
22 November 2011
No matter what the deal is with SPlayer, its developers are clowns, and you'd be smart to stay away.
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Version 1.1.4
1 answer(s)
28 November 2011
Care to elaborate?
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25 July 2011
I'm not sure what's going on, but it appears in the MAS for $1.99. However, their website (http://www.splayer.org/index.en.html) lists it as being open source (See the comparison chart). Clicking the download button downloads a Windows executable. There's also a large donate button at the top of their website. I'm not really sure what I'm paying for here. So far, however, alarm bells are ringing.
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Version 1.1.4