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22 February 2011

Get dimensions of anything on your screen.


Crosshairs is a lightweight app for getting the dimensions of anything on your screen. You can drag a transparent overlay overtop of any app and adjust the box as much as you need. No more taking a screenshot just to get the size of something.


  • Activate the app with global hotkey, which is customizable
  • Switch between overlay colors
  • Dynamically adjust the opacity of the overlay
  • Copy dimensions directly to your clipboard
  • Can customize the format of the dimensions to suit your needs
  • Take a screenshot of the area beneath the overlay
  • Make pixel perfect adjustments with the keyboard
Keyboard Shortcuts:

Crosshairs is a menu bar app and has a very minimal interface. Most of the app's features are controlled via keyboard shortcuts. Here's a complete list:

  • Esc or Command-H = Hide app
  • Command-Shift-2 = Global hotkey to activate the app
  • Arrow keys = Move the overlay by 1 pixel
  • Shift + arrow keys = Move the overlay by 10 pixels
  • Tab = Toggle between the primary/alternate overlay color
  • Command + up/down arrow = Increase or decrease the opacity
  • Command-C = Copy current dimensions to clipboard
  • Delete = Clear the current overlay
  • Command-, = Open preferences

What's new in Crosshairs

Version 1.1:
  • Added inverted overlay mode (shortcut: i)
  • Made hotkey activate or deactivate app (instead of just activating it)
  • Some minor user interface updates to handles and dimensions bubble to help stand out better
  • Crosshairs will no longer deactivate the current app so it works better with apps like Photoshop. Side effect is no custom cursor support. Added preference to return the old way if you prefer.
  • Added highlight to menu bar icon to show when app is active
  • Added in-app help screen that lists all keyboard shortcut
  • Left-click in menu bar icon activates app, right-click (control-click) shows menu
  • Fixed bugs with color preference settings not taking effect right away
  • Fixed bug with taking screenshots on computers with multiple screens being off
  • Ensured overlay always snaps to whole pixels, even during screen zoom, for sharpest possible lines
  • Now always showing dimensions outside box and removed option

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5 Reviews of Crosshairs

25 January 2011
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Don't want to buy a program without testing it. This is the reason why I'm on Macupdate and not on App store.
01 August 2011
Version: 1.1
Although this application does do a few extra things, such as nudging the overlay with the keyboard, customizing the overlay color and copying the dimensions to the clipboard, the same basic functionality is already built-in to the Mac OS. When you use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Control-Command-4 from within any application, on any version of Mac OSX, the cursor will change into crosshairs with a live display of the x and y location of the cursor. Click and drag to create a selection area, and the x,y location is replaced with the width and height of the area in pixels. Release the mouse, and the selection is copied to the clipboard. Use Shift-Command-4 if you want to save the selection image to disk. I realise this app is only $5, but in my option I don't think there's $5 worth here.
20 February 2011
Version: 1.1
How can you review a software that you can not test it ? The dev already recognized that he needs a demo at MU.
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04 February 2011
Version: 1.0
I thought it might be helpful here to review the software rather than complain about the selling model. I have bought Crosshairs and I am glad that I did. It provides an elegantly simple way of making, transferring and comparing pixel measurements on screen, far simpler than screen rulers for instance but just as effective for most purposes. If measuring screen elements is something you need to do, this is likely to be your best way of doing it.
26 January 2011
Version: 1.0
Clearly it's going to take awhile for developers to learn that they are losing at least as many customers as they are gaining by selling only in the Mac App Store. Shareware/Trialware is a well established and much appreciated tradition in software marketing. A good price is not a good deal if you end up not using the software you bought, sight unseen. It's a crapshoot and anyone with half a brain isn't going to play.
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25 January 2011
Version: 1.0
Don't want to buy a program without testing it. This is the reason why I'm on Macupdate and not on App store.
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