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Reminds you to keep hydrated.   Demo ($3.99)
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Drink! is a Mac application that ensures you don't dehydrate at your computer. Drink! sits unobtrusively in your status bar showing a glass that slowly empties. You can configure Drink! to pop up visual and/or audible reminders so you keep hydrating those kidneys.

Benefits of using Drink! include a satisfied, well-hydrated body, happier kidneys, and (scientifically proven!) less grumpiness.
What's New
Version 2.1.7:
  • [change] Improve memory usage.
  • [change] Remove much criticized water calculator.
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.5 or later

MacUpdate - Drink!

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Drink! User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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SegN3rd commented on 12 Feb 2013
Wow, an app that reminds people sitting at the computer to drink water! This is the best idea since the app that reminds people lying in the bathtub to use the toaster.
[Version 2.1.7]

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@timi replied on 12 Feb 2013
Seriously? You have trouble not spilling your drink?

Jimw commented on 12 Feb 2013
Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to release this update on April 1st.
[Version 2.1.7]


HappyPig commented on 19 Dec 2010
I'd give you four stars for the software if there was some medical or physiological basis behind what it's written for, but there's really no actual evidence to concept that you need to drink large amounts of water every day. Sure, you need water, but slavishly drinking it on a hard schedule? Flim-flam!

"[A study] found no scientific studies in support of 8 oz x 8 times a day. Rather, surveys of fluid intake on healthy adults of both genders, published as peer-reviewed documents, strongly suggest that such large amounts are not needed."


Original article here:
[Version 2.1.6]

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HappyPig replied on 19 Dec 2010
BTW, I did look at the IoM, and the prior sentence to the one that you cite on your website about how much to drink says:

"The vast majority of healthy people adequately meet their daily hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide."


So yeah, IoM actually recommends drinking when you're thirsty, not on a schedule.

thomergil replied on 19 Dec 2010
Hey Niles. Thanks for the feedback. I am the author of Drink!

"Let[ting] thirst be their guide" sounds great in theory, but some people (including myself) don't get a strong thirst sensation. By the time I realize I haven't had anything to drink for hours I have a headache and feel generally miserable. Hence the need for Drink! It has helped me feel better during a workday.

As to the science: I confirm there's no scientific evidence or any medical or physiological basis behind Drink! It's just a reminder for something that is obvious to most people, but not to others. You can configure Drink! to adhere to any schedule you like---based on science or not. You could make it remind you only once per day for all I care. The built-in calculator in Drink! lets you state your own hydration goals and schedule. The reference to the IoM website is there simply for people to make up their own (more?) informed decision or to ignore.

It's cool you did the research, though, and I'll try to include a more weighed set of opinions in the calculator in subsequent versions.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Fishscale commented on 18 Dec 2010
Your charging for this? Just make a repeating task in ical if you want something like this. I personally could never justify buying this app even if it was $1. Donation-ware would gain you more profit, you would be surprised.
[Version 2.1.6]

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thomergil replied on 19 Dec 2010
Hi Fishscale. Thanks for the feedback. I am the author of Drink!

I agree with you that you can do all this with iCal. However, Drink! shows you the progressively emptying glass in the toolbar so you know how much of the glass you should have drunk. Also, Drink! allows you to reset/refill the glass when you get out of sync; that would require a few (awkward) steps in iCal. Finally, pausing, disabling, and re-enabling the Drink! reminders is significantly easier than messing with iCal.

As to your donation-ware suggestion: I hear what you are saying. However, in the past I have provided pretty large-scale donation-ware services. The total absence of donations (despite the heavy use of the services, by hundreds of users) disproves your statement about making a profit. In the end I've had to shut down the services because I did not want to ask people for money. I decided to try it differently this time around. But I understand your hesitation about paying for software---lots of people feel that way. It always surprises me, though, that people are willing to pay $3.99 for a cup of coffee they can enjoy for 20 minutes, but not for software that they can enjoy for years. Maybe that's another discussion :)

Either way, thanks for your comments!

Fishscale replied on 19 Dec 2010
Hey thomergil, My post was not an attack on your app but just that an app of such simplicity would have a 7 day demo period when it really should imo, of course, be donation-ware.

Water makes for healthier living so I think people would appreciate the fact that you made an app that they can use if they monitor their water input and also if they have the processing power to run an app that is not very essential to their workflow.

Don't get me wrong, I like the simplicity of the app, water is something that is neglected and this is a clever little app; however drink! is just not worth it simply because it is shareware and any user has no guarantee that you will continually update this app to fix problems and keep it current with future OS X updates, minor and major. After all your comparing it to a cup of $4 coffee which you neglect when it's done so many users might have the fear that drink! will get the same treatment.

It's simple, it is a one trick pony and takes up a good amount of ram from my experience running it to try it out. You lose nothing from releasing it as donation-ware and I think if you did you will see a rise in people "buying" the app. It's nice to donate but to "throw" money at an app that display's a water cup in the menubar slowly draining makes people, me, a bit hesitant.

Decrease the footprint of drink! and guarantee to keep it updated for years to come as you say and maybe that $4 won't seem such a high price but until then I would go with donation-ware. Hey, it's your app and you have the right to do what you want with it, I would not even be responding if I didn't think it filled a little niche but it does so that is why I am giving my opinion.

If the app had no promise I would not even make a post to begin with so I am not saying your app is pointless, I'm saying exactly the opposite and just giving my comment on how it is treated as shareware, maybe think about instead of a time trial period make a reduced features. Again, I like the idea but when someone buy's coffee for $4 (not me) they know what they are getting, with this app they are getting an app but they don't know if it will be continually be updated or turn into a neglected app like so many small dollar one trick pony apps.

I appreciate you responding thomergil, it shows that you do take an interest in the app and want to please your users which is a good sign for any potential buyer. Share the gift of health, we are charged too much as it is for health advice ;). Anyhow, this is not an attack against you or the app, just my opinion and thank you for not getting very defensive and simply stating your thought process for licensing. I hope you do well. If the app were free I would give you a cup of coffee but I won't buy you one. Cheers and again, goodluck!
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Type:Home Personal : Health and Fitness
Date:12 Feb 2013
Platform:PPC 64 / PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $3.99
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Drink! is a Mac application that ensures you don't dehydrate at your computer. Drink! sits unobtrusively in your status bar showing a glass that slowly empties. You can configure Drink! to pop up visual and/or audible reminders so you keep hydrating those kidneys.

Benefits of using Drink! include a satisfied, well-hydrated body, happier kidneys, and (scientifically proven!) less grumpiness.

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