ODBC Query Tool & ODBCKit
ODBC Query Tool & ODBCKit


ODBC Query Tool & ODBCKit free download for Mac

ODBC Query Tool & ODBCKit

20 November 2010

Access your ODBC data.


ODBCQueryTool and ODBCKit are a combination of a simple tool for accessing ODBC Data, and the ODBCKit is a developers framework to make it easier to build applications for that data.

ODBC itself is an open framework that allows access to many different databases via \'drivers\'. While there are several vendors for drivers, we highly recommend the drivers from ActualTechologies. The provide high quality drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and several others, including Microsoft Access.

What's new in ODBC Query Tool & ODBCKit

Version 0.5.0:
Specific issues addressed in this release are as follows:
  • Dropped support for 10.4 due to use of latest Xcode toolchains, 10.4 support may return as Xcode evolves.
  • fixed a bug with unicode databases (MSSQL Server 2008) and char/varchar datatypes truncating the result
  • fixed a potential leak in ODBCLogin
  • rebuilt with x86_64 support enabled to allow use with 64 bit drivers
  • changed result view to adjust column widths the the length of the fields as returned instead of an assumed default size.
  • fixed a bug inthe title when the file has not been saved
  • fixed \'save results as\' to properly display the save panel and choose a proper path for the save file.
  • started research into long standing edit bug that can lock up the editor when editing the 0,0 char in the text view after they have been entered once.
  • fixed a bug where the last column in the results window would be squished to 8 pixels wide.
  • found and fixed initial issue with highlighting that caused edits at the start of any line to cause a random editor hang.
  • bumped version number to 0.5.0 in prep for a weekend release.
  • added dsn name to window title. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2417506&group_id=177561&atid=881729
  • started syntax highlighting rework to better handle sql syntax styles also abstract enough that it could be used in other sql tools in the system.

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