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SCC Caption Decoder1.4

03 August 2015

Translate SCC caption files into text transcriptions and more.


SCC Caption Decoder Have an SCC caption file that you need to translate into human-readable text transcripts? Need to find where that error is in your SCC captions? This tool is exactly what you need. Just select your SCC file and it will save it as a new text transcript with timecode. The timecode can either stay the same as the SCC file (very useful for troubleshooting) or it can remove the buffer time that SCC files build in, making the timecode closer to the actual time the captions are displayed. You can also opt to output as paragraph text without timecode. By providing text transcripts of your movies on your Web site, you will not only be providing accessibility, but you will also improve your search engine optimization by providing searchable content. SCC Caption Decoder now has the ability to batch-process a folder of SCC files and you can set up a watch folder to do timed checks for batch processing of these files.

What's new in SCC Caption Decoder

Version 1.4:
  • Now remembers preferences correctly
  • Fixed crash when user would cancel selecting watch or destination folder

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