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License Guard

14 November 2010

Complete, flexible liscensing solution.


License Guard is a complete, flexible licensing solutions for your shareware Mac OS X applications based on digital signature technology.

Digital signatures are created and verified by cryptography, the branch of applied mathematics that concerns itself with transforming messages into seemingly unintelligible forms and back again. Digital signatures use what is known as "public key cryptography," which employs an algorithm using two different but mathematically related "keys;" one for creating a digital signature or transforming data into a seemingly unintelligible form, and another key for verifying a digital signature or returning the message to its original form.

With License Guard you can create license codes for all your products without any limitation. Just enter your license data and quantity of licenses and click the button 'generate'. In a few minutes your license codes will be ready to use.Every license code is guaranteed to be Unique, even if you generate thousands of codes at a time.

The Simple API allows you to quickly get detailed information from the license code. (For what product versions, this license. What type of license. How much time is left before the license expires.). A detailed documentation and illustrative examples allow to add the license protection into your program quickly and easily.

Your programmers should think about your software, not about your licensing.

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