ForeUI Prototyping Tool

3.10 05 Dec 2012

Create static or interactive mockups for your software or website.


Developer website: Easynth Solution Inc. Ltd

ForeUI is a prototyping tool that allows you to create static or interactive mockups for your software or website. It will ease the process of idea sharing, feedback collection, design documentation and usability testing etc.

You can use ForeUI to mockup quickly with hand drawn style, or create flat wireframe with certain colors and layouts, or implement high-fidelity prototype with complex behavior. You can change the style of prototype by simply switching its UI theme. Currently ForeUI supports 5 UI themes:

  • Hand Drawing
  • Wire Frame
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 7

You can define the behavior of each element in the prototype without coding. All interactions will be defined with intuitive flow charts.

You can run the prototype as DHTML simulation in Web browser, which is very good for doing usability testing. Also you can export the prototype as image or PDF, which can be used in documentation.

What's New

Version 3.10:
  • New Feature: Import another plot into current editing plot.
  • New Feature: Support background image for plot.
  • New Feature: Holding SHIFT key to draw/edit polygon can lock the moving direction.
  • New Feature: Allow caching image data in memory (avoid using file cache).
  • Enhancement: Optimize performance: to be faster and smoother.
  • Enhancement: Compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Enhancement: Directly input id in element chooser, content assistant is available.
  • Enhancement: Allow setting timeout for "Get JSON Object" action.
  • Enhancement: Embed font in exported PDF document if needed.
  • Fixed Bug_0393: Text in Hyperlink element can not be horizontal/vertical centered.
  • Fixed Bug_0394: Can not change the state of Radio Button Group with actions.
  • Fixed Bug_0395: In Windows 7 UI theme, the progress indicator in progress bar is not rendered correctly during simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0396: Open a plot with images in images panel, the images are still visible after closing the plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0397: When behavior is shared by multiple elements, it should be initialized after all elements are created.
  • Fixed Bug_0398: Export plot with hand drawn UI theme to PDF, the text is moved upper.
  • Fixed Bug_0399: In Mac OS X, copy/paste entities in behavior editor will also copy/paste the selected element in plot edit area.
  • Fixed Bug_0400: Disabled button can still trigger the "Element Clicked" event.
  • Fixed Bug_0401: Can not change text of hyperlink with action.
  • Fixed Bug_0402: Duplicate some actions for Accordion/ProgressBar/Slider/Spinner/Table/Tree/TextEditBox, target element ids for original action might be changed.
  • Fixed Bug_0403: ArrowLine elements may be clipped when exporting to PDF document.


Mac OS X 10.5 or later


Current Version (3.x)


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05 Dec 2012
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