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Lion Pride HUGE

08 November 2010

Hunt zebras, warthogs, and gazelles on the iPad.


Lion Pride HUGE is an addictive, fast-paced game in which you control lions as they stalk their territory and ambush prey. Hunt zebra, warthog, gazelle and Cape buffalo and fend off predatory hyenas as you race to feed your cubs and preserve your pride.

Use simple finger gestures to position your lions, slowly stalk prey and run in for the attack. Coordinate multiple lions to trap animals or take down larger game. It's a race against the clock - if you don't provide enough food for your cubs, they will go hungry and it's 'game over'!

Game Features:
- Use intuitive touch gestures to control up to four lions
- Strategically position your lions to stalk and attack four kinds of prey
- Ramp up the challenge over 16 levels
- Protect your cubs from Hyenas in Night Mode
- See how long you last in Survival Mode
- Learn fun facts about all of the Lion Pride animals
- See how you stack up against other players via the Online Scoreboard
- Challenge other players to beat your best score!

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