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Zombie Wonderland1.2

08 November 2010

Tap the undead to blast them with your trusty shotgun.


Zombie Wonderland...Help Chuck defend his home from the zombie apocalypse. Tap the undead to blast them with your trusty shotgun, if they get inside then don\'t forget to clean up their zombie guts with your mop. Keep the zombies at bay in this frantic action game.

The most addictive zombie game in the App Store is now a Universal App!
Play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for the price of admission! Not even zombies can resist this offer!
More action! More madness! More zombie guts to clean up!
And more praise for your favorite Zombie Cleaner, Chuck:

Pocket Gamer: "Take Minigore's 3D look, sound, and guns. Add Mrs Mopp's commitment to domestic hygiene. Sprinkle the undead liberally. Finish with Diner Dash's time management.
Bake in the oven for three hours and serve as Zombie Wonderland."

Slide to Play: "If you won\'t crack under the pressure, you\'ll get a kick out of Zombie Wonderland. The hordes come fast and furiously, and fending them off takes a lot of concentration, skill, and quick thinking. If you can manage your time and keep your cool during the swarms, you\'ll find a lot to love."

App Advice: "Zombie Wonderland is an outstandingly unique game that really excels in the fun factor. It may not be the most challenging or varied game, but it sure provides tons of enjoyment. The gameplay is unlike anything you've played before, and works so well for the on the go mentality of the iPhone."

Common Sense Media: "Zombie Wonderland is ridiculously entertaining. The action occurs at such a frantically fast pace, that you can actually work up a sweat tapping away at the screen."

CrazyMike: "Zombie Wonderland kicks some major you-know-what!"

Load up your weapons, grab your mop and prepare to blast the Zombie pests clean out of town!
The simple townsfolk of Niceville need Chuck to deal with their pesky zombie infestation, but they're not going to be pleased if he leaves lots of Greenie guts behind by sunrise! Blast away at hordes of shuffling reanimates on four different levels, until the zombie rooster crows at 06:00 am.


Tap the zombies to make Chuck run from window to window, dealing with undead attackers on every side. But don't forget to scrub the floor if a zombie gets inside!


Face five increasingly intense evenings of zombie terror in four different locations in the Story Mode. Begin at Aunt Lilly's house and unlock Joe's Bar, Jake's Garage and the Cemetery so you can experience the terror again in Survival Mode.


Fight Greenies, Flamies, Grannies and the powerful Meanie. Be sure to prioritize who you kill first though - some zombies shuffle more quickly than others!


Equip bigger and more menacing weapons to cope with the escalating onslaught of brain hungry messy groaners. Borrow Aunt Lilly's box of Super Slug bullets, mount a machine gun sentry on the window sill, and even upgrade your mop and bucket to a Gutvac super vacuum for those hard-to-shift blood stains.


Win achievements and track your score on Crystal's Global Online Leader Boards.

What's new in Zombie Wonderland

Version 1.2:
  • Niceville is now decorated for Halloween!
    • Zombie Ghosts: Happy Green Wicked Spirits - Good treats ! Mean Red Wicked Spirits - full of nasty tricks!

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