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27 October 2010

A haunted house in your pocket.


Fright Factory...A haunted house right in your pocket with 4 APP IN 1. Scare your friends and family with Fright Factory.

Introducing The Fright Factory, a PREMIUM SCARE APP. The Fright Factory is like having 4 APPS IN 1! Choose between the horrific Fright FX soundboard, optical illusion that will be sure to scare, a sound activated scare* or a strobe light with background music.


Fright FX

Did you ever need to make some sort of scary sound but didn\'t have the right tools for the job? Well now you do, with the Fright FX soundboard, they\'ll be everywhere you are. Choose between 12 different horrific sounds and 4 background tracks. Perfect for scaring people, telling spooky ghost stories, annoying friends or making your very own haunted soundtrack. Plug into a stereo for an even scarier experience.

Sound effects include:

- Chainsaw
- Knife
- Bone crush
- Guts
- Werewolf
- Ghost
- Zombie
- Demon
- Witch
- Mummy
- Screams
- Chains

Background tracks include:

- Haunted organ
- Whispering wind
- Ambient creepiness
- Pulsating piano

Optical Illusion Scare

Everyone has seen the different scare memes floating around the internet. Well now is your chance to own one. Start the optical illusion scare and hand it to your next victim. It will present them with 3 different optical illusions. A monster will popup and proceed to scare them on the 3rd illusion.

- 3 optical illusions
- Zombie scare popup with scream

Sound Activated Scare

(*NOTE: iPod Touch users MUST connect a microphone to access the Sound Activated Scare feature. The microphone must stay connected for the sound to be activated.)

Hide your device where people least suspect. They won\'t know what\'s coming to them when your device gets sound activated and scares the bejeebers out of them. (This feature IS NOT compatible with the iPod Touch)

- Countdown timer offers 10, 30 or 60 seconds of time to allow you to vacate the room before it activates.
- Choose up to 4 different sets of eyes that will popup.
- Pick between a man screaming, woman screaming, upset demon, wandering ghost or annoyed person to scare your victim with.
- Set the sensitivity to pick the perfect sound activation level.

Strobe Light

Turn any room into a haunted house or carry this portable strobe light while you\'re out. Also great for parties or just spooking friends.

- 2 different kinds of creepy background music to listen to while the strobe light is flashing. You can also turn the music off if you prefer.
- Make your strobe light white, red, blue or green. It also features a flashlight mode for those hard to see times.
- Pick between a slow, medium or high flashing speed.

*NOTE: iPod Touch users MUST connect a microphone to access the Sound Activated Scare feature. The microphone must stay connected for the sound to be activated.

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