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Super Twario1.0

21 October 2010

Move Twario around a world built from your Twitter feed.


Super Twario...How would you feel about getting a bit more out of Twitter? A bit more up, a bit more down, a bit more left and a bit more right?

Sound like fun?

Super Twario can take you there. All the way there. Like, all the way to 1989 and back. Or forward.

Super Twario is a whole new way of experiencing Twitter. Jump back to the heyday of retro platform games and then drag them into a future of 140 character conversations and a hundred billion friends, followers and stalkers and you start to understand what Super Twario can do to your twext life.

Tilt to move Twario around a world built from your Twitter feed and leap around to interact with Avatars and fill your Tweets with a lot more fun. Tweet, Reply, Retweet - all that is taken care of within Tweet World.

And, like any self-respecting platform game, every action has a reaction as Super Twario is fully Game Center enabled with achievements and scores just sat there waiting to be unlocked. By you.

So what can you expect?
- Platform based Tweet World
- Tilt controls guide Twario through the Twitter feed
- Tap to jump
- Swipe to run faster
- Unlock Game Center Achievements
- Tweet, Retweet, Reply from within the App
- Day / Night mode just so you don\'t, y\'know, forget

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