TIFF Bates Stamper
TIFF Bates Stamper


TIFF Bates Stamper free download for Mac

TIFF Bates Stamper

13 October 2010

Process electronic documents and add text.


TIFF Bates Stamper is a program for processing electronic documents and placing text on the pages of the document.

TIFF Bates Stamper is an easy to use stamping utility. It supports all versions of single and multi-page tiff files. TIFF Bates Stamper is the fastest, most versatile Bates Stamper for TIFF files Using TIFF Bates Stamper, just select folder containing TIFF files and TIFF Bates Stamper will search and locate every single and multi page Tiff files and also the total number of pages. Once retrieved you can add the following stamps to the retrieved images:

  • Prefix
  • Separator
  • Start Number
  • Padding
  • Bottom Right Stamps
  • Bottom Left Stamps
  • Top Right Stamps
  • Top Left Stamps
  • Center Stamps
  • Offset X
  • Offset Y
  • First Page Bates Stamp Only
  • All Pages Bates Stamp Option
  • Font Selection
  • Font Size
  • Stamp Background Color
  • Stamp Text Color
  • Repeating with Each File or Start Over
Ideal for Imaging bureaus where the user wants to stamp pages with bates information. TIFF Bates Stamper can do this in few seconds.
  • A simple, flexible and powerful interface.
  • Shows Total Page Count
  • Search by date or file size
  • Export to tab-delimited format
  • Supports Compressed Tiff Files
  • Fast and Error Free Stamping of Tiff Files
  • Support multi-page and single page tiff -files
TIFF Bates Stamper also support tiff files which are compressed with various compression methods. You can also export Tiff page count data into text files for your reference. Ideal for sending a detailed report with invoice.

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