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09 December 2010

QuickTime movie player and converter.


Movie2QT is all about QuickTime movies. Movie2QT comes in two parts. Player is an iTunes-like movie player that is capable of playing QuickTime-based movies one after another consecutively. Tools allows the user to convert other movie formats (QuickTime reference files, FLVs, WMVs) into self-contained QuickTime movies.

What's new in Movie2QT

Version 1.3:
  • The user can now convert Matroska-contain movies (.MKV) into QuickTime movies (MOVs). See Tools > exMKVs.
  • exFLVs, exMKVs, exWMVs: The display window indicates the number of channels.
  • exFLVs, exMKVs, exWMVs: The Export button will remain disabled when the imported movie has more than two channels. And a red symbol will appear next to the number of channels on the display window accordingly.
  • exFLVs, exMKVs, exWMVs: The user can now edit existing profiles by clicking on the Edit button. Several minor changes and fixes are made involving the profile drop-down menu.

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