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11 October 2010

Brings the power of Google Voice to your iPhone.


GV Mobile +...The ORIGINAL Google Voice app is back and better than ever!

iPad/iTouch users, READ:
This is not a VoIP/SIP dialer!
This means you can NOT make calls from your device without additional services (Gizmo, etc). Google Voice, the service offered, is not a voice over IP solution.
Canadian and United Kingdom users READ:

While this app is for sale in your country, you will not be able to make calls from your phone (without an advanced setup). You can still send SMS and other stuff using your Google Voice account with this application.

If you are not already versed in using Google Voice outside of the US, then please save yourself the money and spare me the 1 star review. Thank you.
Please remove any Cydia based version you have installed as it may conflict with this version.

I WILL help any and everyone if you give me a chance. Contact support if the Support page doesn\'t help!

Now to the good stuff...

Google Voice is only available in The United States.
You must already have a Google Voice account in order for this application to work.

GV Mobile + brings the power of Google Voice to your iPhone.

GV Mobile+ allows users of Google Voice to do the following with ease:
+dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering on the keypad, or choosing from the internal favorites
+send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages
+retrieve and delete recent call history
+playback and delete voicemails
+take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
+enable, disable, add, or delete the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to

How does GV Mobile + work?
GV Mobile + initiates a secure connection with Google and sends a command to do various tasks (call, send sms, etc).
GV Mobile + communicates only with Google and no one else.

Please note that GV Mobile+ relies on the use of a data connection (3G, EDGE, Wifi, etc). If your data connection is weak, this app may not function properly.By using GV Mobile +, you understand that I am not liable for data charges you may incur.Any drastic changes on Google\'s end may make GV Mobile + inoperable.

(GV Mobile is not a product of Google)


Just some updates.
If you have a problem, as some have noted, I respond almost immediately. Unless I\'m asleep.

+Push is coming very soon. Testing it now. Just want it to work out the gate.

+New voicemail,history,SMS data feeds in v1.0.4
+Ability to queue more voicemails,history,SMS in v1.0.3 or v1.0.4
+Mark callers as spam or block them in v1.0.4
+Google frickin\' contacts in v1.0.4
+Favorites issues will be resolved in v1.0.4
+Friendly setup in v1.0.4 or v1.0.5
+Calls without using cellular minutes in v1.5.0

This list grows daily.

My job, if you give me a chance, is to make your Google Voice experience on the iPhone the best possible.

What's new in GV Mobile +

Version 1.0.3:
  • History parser fixed
  • Voicemail speaker button revised
  • Grayed out the * and # digits
  • Multiple Sign-In support
  • 5 and 6 tones were the same - fixed
  • SMS contact look-up goofed when entering in a number
  • Call Screening and Presentation revised
  • Open To Tab fixed
  • Data Sync fixed
  • SMS character counter
  • SMS text disappearing when typing fixed
  • Copy menu for the Keypad showed up when nothing was there to copy
  • Tones are fixed
  • URL handlers tweaked
  • Non-alpha numeric username login fixed
  • Refresh individual SMS messages in Reply view
  • Take Calls From is now Call Method
  • Removed Offline dialing section and moved into Call Method
  • iPod music will still play when opening the app (will pause and resume on VM playback)
  • Bluetooth headset support for VM playback (when speaker off)
  • Clears number dialed after making a call
  • Pull to refresh
  • New calling method, plus simplified older methods (no more entering in \"Phone to Ring\")
  • GV Credit Balance
  • Contacts/Groups fixed

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