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Garry's Mod

18 March 2020

Physics-based sandbox to make your own objects.


Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox, powered by Valve's source engine, with no predefined goals or objectives. We give you the tools, and leave you to play.

Spawn objects to create your own contraptions - whether that's a car, rocket, or something that doesn't have a name yet - it's up to you.

What's new in Garry's Mod

Version 03.17.20:
  • Fixed func_breakable being misaligned on Half-Life: Source maps
  • Fixed Half-Life: Source snarks not attacking anything when spawned from spawnmenu on flat surfaces
  • Fixed Faceposer tool forcing hidden "useless" flex controllers to 0 causing problems with other flexcontrollers, such as eyelid control on Team Fortress 2 player models
  • Half-Life: Source turrets start in retracted animation rather than in the firing? animation
  • Restored close caption support
  • Fixed certain build-in chat messages getting cut off if player's name is too long
  • Very tall disconnect messages are no longer being cut off vertically midway and don't go off screen
  • Fixed a progression stopper on d2_coast_11.bsp if "Keep Corpses" option is turned on
  • Fixed a progression stopper on c2a5g.bsp (not being able to use the airstrike controls)
  • Level transitions (as well as loading engine saves) no longer resets Suit Power as well as Crouched and Flashlight states
  • Combine Soldiers, Metrocops, Stalkers, Zombine, Eli and Antlion Guards get their custom footsteps back
  • Death ragdolls copy dead NPC/Player's flex and bone manipulations, as well as RenderFX and targetname (serverside ragdolls)
  • Sandbox's prop_effect will now change its color if the player is looking at it, indicating which/if prop_effect will be picked up via Physics Gun/Tool Gun
  • Only allow vehicle boost/"nitro" in forward direction and only if we are not recovering from previous boost
  • Added closecaptions and subtitles for all languages supported by Half-Life 2 games
  • Switch spawnicon editor skins/bodygroups to sliders from dropdowns
  • Updated language files
  • Translated drag'n'drop right click drag dropdown menu
  • You can no longer modify unmodifiable Spawnmenu tabs (NPCs, Weapons, etc), but you can still copy from them to your spawnlists as usual
  • Display a console warning during addon mounting when an addon contains a Lua file already mounted from another addon
  • "Missing map somemap.bsp, disconnecting" error now tells the player if their cl_downloadfilter is set to not download maps and how to fix it
  • Renamed Other tab back to Multiplayer in the Options menu
  • Added "Do not download Workshop addons" option to the download filter in Multiplayer Options menu
  • Spawnmenu resizes save between sessions
  • Added "Revert changes" button when editing spawnlists
  • Sprinting and clicking on spawnicons no longer selects them and allows the player to spawn things
  • Area selection while holding Shift key only adds to current selection, while holding Control will invert current selection (old behavior)
  • Holding control key (CTRL) now also toggles multi-selection in spawnmenu
  • Adjusted minimum sizes for spawnmenu areas to work better on extremely small resolutions
  • Increased brightness on some map icons (Half-Life Source) so you can actually see what's on them and added some missing icons for Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps
  • Moved certain community made maps from Counter-Strike games into their own category (aim, fy, awp, etc)
  • Renamed certain games in the mountable games list to more closely match their actual names on Steam
  • Do not complain about undefined water overlays in console
  • TTT: Updated Portuguese translation (Community Contribution)
  • Disabled overview_mode completely (Counter-Strike like radar), it was used to cheat, and is completely replaceable by Lua

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