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Garry's Mod

30 May 2018

Physics-based sandbox to make your own objects.


Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox, powered by Valve's source engine, with no predefined goals or objectives. We give you the tools, and leave you to play.

Spawn objects to create your own contraptions - whether that's a car, rocket, or something that doesn't have a name yet - it's up to you.

What's new in Garry's Mod

Version 05.29.18:
  • Updated: Added Entity Classname and Index to the "Changing collision rules within a callback is likely to cause crashes!" error message
  • Updated: Updated .fgd files (for Hammer) to include GMod specific Sandbox key values
  • Updated: Moved the Map and Source Engine Version text when console is open a bit down so it can be read
  • Updated: Changed the default value of r_hunkalloclightmaps to 0
  • Updated: GMPublish now works better with big addons
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash having to do with playing sounds
  • Removed: Removed game/bin/sdk.fgd, as it was unused and contained non-existent/duplicate entities
  • NEW: Added render.OverrideBlend (replaces render.OverrideBlendFunc)
  • NEW: Added Entity.GetSequenceMovement
  • NEW: Added Player.IsSprinting
  • NEW: Added Vector.Div
  • NEW: Added Angle.Div & Angle.__div
  • NEW: Added Angle.Mul
  • NEW: Added Angle.Add
  • NEW: Added Angle.Sub
  • NEW: Added serverlist.AddCurrentServerToFavorites
  • NEW: Added CanAddServerToFavorites
  • NEW: Added CreatePhysCollidesFromModel
  • NEW: Added CNavLadder.GetTop
  • NEW: Added CNavLadder.GetBottom
  • NEW: Added CNavLadder.GetWidth
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.ApplyTorqueCenter
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.GetShadowPos
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.GetShadowAngles
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.GetVelocityAtPoint
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.SetContents
  • NEW: Added PhysObj.GetContents
  • NEW: Added DNumSlider.GetDefaultValue
  • NEW: Added DNumSlider.SetDefaultValue
  • NEW: Added DNumSlider.ResetToDefaultValue
  • NEW: Added navmesh.GetGroundHeight
  • NEW: Added engine.TickCount
  • Fixed: Entity.DeleteOnRemove() can no longer remove players or the world
  • Fixed: Fixed a stack overflow in DListView
  • Fixed: Entity.IsRagdoll will attempt to return proper value when the entity is marked for deletion
  • Fixed: render.DrawSphere will no longer draws one less longitude step than specified
  • Fixed: game.CleanUpMap() will no longer crash on LZMA compressed maps
  • Fixed: Fixed util.DecalEx's scale arguments not working
  • Fixed: Fixed util.DecalEx using inverted normal for non brush entities
  • Fixed: Fixed game.AddDecal not precaching added decals resulting in util.DecalMaterial not working as expected in some cases
  • Fixed: Fixed util.DecalEx not working on entities with brush models
  • Fixed: Fixed util.Base64Encode output for 0 and 1 byte inputs
  • Fixed: Fixed Entity.GetAnimInfo not working at all
  • Fixed: Fixed Entity.SetGravity resetting on players when they use ladders
  • Fixed: Player.IsFullyAuthenticated no longer returns the player object in some cases
  • Fixed: Fixed prediction errors caused by using Player.SetHull(Ducked)
  • Fixed: Player.SetAmmo now has proper ammo typeID bounds check, as well as proper max ammo check (0-9999)
  • Fixed: Fixed calling Player.Spawn() on a player inside a vehicle putting the player in an invalid state where NPCs can't see them
  • Updated: Entity.AddCallback will now error instead of silently failing when given not a function on its 2nd argument
  • Updated: Vector/Angle.Mul and Div methods now have correct type checking and errors
  • Updated: util.TableToJSON returns nil unless top-most element is an object or array
  • Updated: file.Exists and file.IsDir will return false where it used to return nil
  • Updated: ScriptedEntityType field will now work equally on all entity types
  • Updated: Added better bounds checking to Entity:GetSequenceActivity
  • Updated: GetCreator now returns NULL for no creator, instead of nil (Community Contribution)
  • Updated: IsValid micro optimisation (Community Contribution)
  • Updated: Improvements to Entity.GetKeyValues() - Vectors actually work now, added support for FIELD_SOUNDNAME and FIELD_EHANDLE
  • Updated: FL_ANIMDUCKING is now used and set automatically
  • Updated: Return type consistency for Player.TraceHullAttack, Player.GetObserverTarget, Player.GetRagdollEntity, NPC.GetBlockingEntity, NPC.GIve, Entity.GetRagdollOwner, they now return NULL entity where they used to return nil
  • Updated: Better/Faster implementations of SortedPairs and similar functions (Community Contribution)
  • Updated: PrintTable will no longer try to print the table its currently printing (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed: Restored functionality of env_wind
  • Fixed: Fixed pick up HUD ( ammo, weapons, etc ) not working properly for some time after HL2 campaign loading screens
  • Fixed: Restored functionality of monster_mortar to fix a crash issue on a Half-Life Source map
  • Fixed: Fixed entities inside player clip brushes not being usable by +use for Half Life Source maps
  • Fixed: Fixed Paint Tool's reload not removing the duplicator entity modifiers (Community Contribution)
  • Fixed: Reduced lag with a very huge amount of Sandbox notifications
  • Fixed: Reduced probability of the game crashing when saving a dupe
  • Fixed: Fixed Half-Life: Source Scientists always having random skins
  • Fixed: Fixed Half-Life: Source Tentacles not dealing damage
  • Fixed: Half-Life: Source Headcrabs no longer break Half-Life 2 Headcrabs and vice versa

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