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Noise Machine1.17

24 October 2019

White noise and soundscape generator.


Noise Machine is a white-noise and soundscape generator designed to help you block out workplace noise and create a more productive work environment to suit your mood. It can be very hard and tiring to try to concentrate in a noisy work environment. The chatter of co-workers can be especially hard to block out. Conversely, excessively quiet environments can lack energy and can feel very isolated.

Noise Machine generates white, brown, and pink noise, whose special properties are often used to mask out other environmental sounds, and favor concentration and task focus. It also features a range of natural and artificial soundscapes to suit your mood, ranging from relaxing to energizing.

Designed to be as unobtrusive and simple to use as possible, Noise Machine's icon "lives" in the menu bar and is accessible at any time via a simple click. The menu bar item allows you to choose between a range of sounds, adjust the volume and change the sound output device.

What's new in Noise Machine

Version 1.17:
  • The new version delivers full compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

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3 Reviews of Noise Machine

07 September 2012
Version: 1.06

Most helpful

Thank you to the developer for maintaining a non Mac App Store version!
07 September 2012
Version: 1.06
Thank you to the developer for maintaining a non Mac App Store version!
04 October 2010
Version: 0.4
To the developer: This is a great product and has very useful sounds to eradicate the ambient noise and I'm willing to buy it. One thing stops me though: when I go to check out its price which is $7.95 shows €7.95 i.e. around $10.69. Add to this another 20% (VAT charged on European sales) and you come up with $12.82! I don't want to make a fuss but why do you presume that $7.95=€7.95! Thank you.
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30 September 2010
Version: 0.3
The Finder info says "Kind: Application Universal" and it works fine on my PPC Mac. The Intel requirement must be wrong...
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