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04 March 2019

Native Twitter client (was YoruFukurou).


NightOwl (was YoruFukurou) is a powerful native Twitter client for Mac OS X

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Create tabs from rules (user IDs, keywords and regular expressions)
  • Create Twitter search tabs
  • Create tabs from Lists
  • Block unwanted Tweets (user IDs, keywords, regular expressions and application name)
  • Powerful keyboard shortcuts
  • Conversation view
  • Single user view
  • Change font size
  • Unread management (hit space key to read through unread Tweets)
  • Powerful notification support (sound and growl)
  • Two different appearance modes (normal view and mini view)
  • Image preview
  • "Paste to YoruFukurou" bookmarklet for web browsers
  • Autocompletion (user IDs and hashtags)
  • Now browsing & now playing
  • Upload images
  • Customizable image service
  • Instant filter
  • URL shortening
  • Customizable URL shortener
  • Translation
  • Show one-sided follow badge
  • Color customization
  • API Error console

What's new in Night Owl

Version 2.91:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.14 or later

  • Added support for macOS Mojave
  • Removed Growl support
  • Changed minimum supported OS version to macOS Mojave

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02 September 2011

Most helpful

I wish they would support Tweet Marker, which has become indispensable for me. So far only Twitterrific support Tweet Marker on the mac. TweetBot does it on iOS. Hope for more clients. Once you've grown accustomed to it, you'll never wanna miss it again.
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Version 2.64
08 September 2018
Has anyone used Night Owl on macOS Mojave yet? I've just started using it because neither Tweetbot or Twitterrific will run. It seems pretty good, but I've tried altering the font size of the text and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Does anyone have any idea why this could be?
Version 2.88
04 October 2015
YoruFukurou update 2.8.4 from App Store crach each time @ launch on Yosemite ?????? I have mailed this issue to the developers, no response
Version 2.83
13 April 2015
Comment: The links download NightOwl, not YoruFukurou. Apr 13
Version 2.82
1 answer(s)
13 April 2015
Both are the same. YoruFukurou is NightOwl in English, at-least that is what I assume.
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25 November 2014
Love this application and have for a couple years now. It would be nice if it was updated to support Notification Center (I have longed removed growl from my system). And maybe give it a OS X Yosemite look. Would also be nice to be able to download images from the preview pane.
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Version 2.79
17 May 2014
How do we contribute money? YoruFukurou can be run entirely off of keyboard shortcuts. You can also customise font-size so you can easily read the timelines on different size monitors, even colours (I don't like the low contrast grey for reading). A bit plain when you first open it up, YoruFukurou is the most amazing Twitter client out there at any price. Unbelievable that it's free. YoruFukurou is a work tool par excellence. Keyboard shortcuts are here: Space - Select the oldest unread tweet in the selected tab Enter - Reply to selected tweet Shift + Enter - Reply to all users related to selected tweet D - Send direct message F - Toggle favorite status H - Show selected user's timeline L - Open all links in the tweet R - Open addressed tweet in browser T - Open tweet in browser A - Show timeline of @user in the tweet W - Open website of the selected user 0 - Select the latest tweet in the tab E - Preview image G - Search for hashtags J - Move down K - Move up → - Reply to selected tweet without focusing on the post input field (for sending reply to multiple users) ← - Reset the post input field Command + → - Move to next tab Command + ← - Move to previous tab Option + → - Select the selected tweet in next tab Option + ← - Select the selected tweet in previous tab
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Version 2.79
1 answer(s)
17 May 2014
I should mention that YoruFukorou also supports Snow Leopard. The 10.6.8 support is much appreciated. I wrote the above review as a paid owner/user of basically ever Twitter client for Mac which existed.
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22 November 2013
This is my Twitter client of choice. I used Nambu which I loved a whole lot but the developers stopped updating it and I was looking for a decent replacement. I have found it in YoruFukurou. Does anyone know if YoruFukurou 2.78 is compatible with OS X Mavericks ? I'm waiting to upgrade my system in case this app and a few others aren't...
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Version 2.78
17 December 2012
My favorite Twitter client - even supports Tweet Marker! Search capabilites are powerful enough for my requirements - also managing multiple accounts is ok. However, having a tab per account would perhaps make things even better. Hence 4 stars.
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Version 2.77
01 December 2012
Wish this app was Universal or a legacy build could be provided.
Version 2.77
01 December 2012
A Fantastically Great Twitter Client. Great GUI and great layout. Great in every way!
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Version 2.77
03 March 2012
The best OS X Twitter client bar none. Great feature set, easy to use, free… I couldn't ask for more except maybe for Tweet Marker support.
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Version 2.72


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.14.0 or later
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