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Solomon\'s Keep2.21

13 September 2010

Dual stick dungeon crawler.


Solomon\'s Keep...Near the town of Dead Hawg, past the Grimwood, at the very PEAK of Mount Awful, there stands a crumbling tower of mortar and stone.

Deep within this foul edifice, the blackest necromancer of modern times, Solomon Dark, sits on his horrible throne.

As a near graduate of the Wizarding College, your final exam is to storm Solomon\'s Keep. Dispatch the dark wizard, loot his evil possessions, unbind his horrific minions, and prove to your teachers once and for all that you\'re not as stupid as you look.


In Solomon\'s Keep, you move your wizard with one thumb, and fire magic spells with the other. As you destroy enemies, you earn experience points. Gain enough experience, and you\'ll gain a level, and can select new skills to help you ascend the tower.

Along the way you\'ll find gold and magic items. Your helpful teachers are there to explain the ins and outs of wizarding, sell you a few useful items, and even give you a few tips to improve your skills.

Along the way you\'ll encounter Solomon\'s skeletons, zombies, imps, and more. You might even encounter an undead king, and Solomon\'s meticulously reconstructed maggot vomiting skeletal dragon.

You\'ll have a chance to master 21 skills and wield over 50 magic, rare, and epic weapons.

With random dungeons and monsters, Solomon\'s Keep offers infinite replayability. It\'s never the same game twice!

If you\'re fond of action RPGs, Solomon\'s Keep will satisfy your black heart.

This App may perform poorly at times on first generation machines, due to advanced rendering and special effects.


Note: Version 1.1 should fix all of the largest Solomon\'s Keep problems. We want you to know that we are dedicated to making sure your gaming experience is a good one, and we will be constantly monitoring the game and fixing any problems that show their ugly heads.

If you run into any kind of problem running Solomon\'s Keep, please visit, let us know what happened, and we will try to find a workaround for your problem, and fix it in an update as quickly as we can!

What's new in Solomon\'s Keep

Version 2.21:
  • A bug that set gold quantity to 1500 any time you load a game is fixed
  • App will now work on 3.x devices as well as 4.0
  • The Embers spell does more damage
  • Explode damage now stacks with fireball damage
  • Fixed a crash bug
  • Controls have been made more responsive
  • The \"black screen savegame\" problem has been fixed. And good news, your game is still there.
  • Single level skills like Teleport are no longer glitched by +skills rings.
  • If a floor is clean and fully explored, teleport will take you to the room with the exit.
  • On the stats page, lightning and flame lash damage now take \"faster casting\" attributes into consideration.
  • Health and mana potions now stack in inventory, to take up less space.
  • Sirius\' staff will now indicate what spell you\'re firing.
  • If you spend enough gold on experience to bypass several levels, the game will now correctly give you several levelups in a row.
  • Fixed a crash when you open Feats on the setup menu

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