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iWorry Lite1.0

17 August 2010

Record your worries and help yourself to resolve them.


iWorry Lite is a free worry journal app on the App Store. It helps users to handle their worries better than a notepad. It is based on the following 4 main ideas:

  1. Keep a worry list by writing worries down the moment they occur
  2. Schedule a specific time to worry
  3. Have a worry place to be with themselves
  4. Think through and decide on its solution or action.

iWorry has the following advantages over a notepad:

  • Good mobility as users almost always carry their iPhone or iPod touch with them
  • Scheduling worry time
  • Choosing worry place
  • Quick entry of worry and tag
  • Worry list can be viewed only after scheduled time is reached
  • Worry list can be filtered by a tag
  • Deletion of multiple irrelevant worries at one go
  • Entry of decision and tag when reviewing a worry
  • Logbook keeps all reviewed worries for future reference
  • Web resources on how to handle worries more effectively

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