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BS Flag1.4.1

05 August 2010

Raise a BS flag when your friends tell a white lie.


BS Flag...An animated BS flag raises when you shake your iPhone. A fun way to let your friends, enemies, co-workers, or family know you don\'t believe their tall tales.

The BS Flag is good for:

- anytime a politician speaks
- arguing with your significant other or that friend that\'s \"always right\"
- blown calls at sporting events
- overly opinionated college professors
- your 30th birthday; the year your parents finally made you move out
- (for men) when the hottie at the bar doesn\'t fall for your your pick-up line
- (for ladies) when a guy uses a pick-up line
- scaring someone with vexiphobia (the fear of flags)
- and for the literal minded, driving by farms

Options within app:
- BS or the more explicit spelled out version
- Sound or No Sound

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