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04 August 2010

Sail between ports plundering treasure.


Plunderland...What happens when some wannabe pirates quit their day jobs and head out to the open ocean on a haunted ship?

Plunderland! Play as Captain Peg Leg\'s ghostly spirit and help your wannabe pirates steal back his treasure from wicked sea tyrants.


Sail between ports plundering all the treasure you and your crew can find! Intuitive tilt controls and a familiar aiming technique work together to make Plunderland\'s unique gameplay style come together.

Mixing custom built physics, in-game puzzles and dynamic animation seamlessly to create a dynamic and highly interactive game that looks like an awesome cartoon.

FREE updates coming that add whole new campaigns, new game-modes and extra content for the shipyard such as new boats, upgrades and bowsprits. Our way of saying thanks for the support.



* The land loving Empire
* Creaky flying machines
* Wonky sea structures with cannons
* Mad monsters with flesh eating fantasies


* Cod piece secrets to find on every level
* Upgrade your boat into a sea faring behemoth
* Unlock special abilities with bowsprits
* Full custom built ragdoll animation engine

3 Campaigns and a Survival mode will keep you hooting and howling for ages. Free updates coming that will expand content.

Welcome to Plunderland - a new game from the JohnnyTwoShoes brothers.


Thanks to everyone for supporting us, we are happy to hear youre enjoying it! Let us know what you think on twitter @jtsgames it keeps us going. Stay in touch with us, we try to answer every email. We care about your gaming experience. Don\'t forget the FREE content updates are coming, send us your feedback.

NEED A GUIDE? - Post all your tips and questions about the games campaign at

What's new in Plunderland

Version 1.0.1:
  • Full support for OS3.0 and upwards, we know not all of you have iOS4.0 and it wasn\'t even intended but we re-wrote ALL the menus so you could get into this. That means it will also run on iPads (in the iPhone simulation mode).
  • Updated the cannon controls, now it\'s a lot easier to grab when the camera zooms out and also, context sensitive around certain areas.
  • The pause menu now shows you how much gold you\'ve made so far in the current level and lets you toggle the audio on and off.
  • We tweaked the price of items in the shipyard and let you start off with a couple more items unlocked.
  • The crows nest works properly on \'Sheffield\' ship.
  • The survival mode is now unlocked by default so you can jump right into the mayhem without having to play through all 3 campaigns. Each survival mode unlocks as you beat the previous difficulty.
  • The credits screen now works too, most of you probably haven\'t got there yet but it\'s pretty cool. The music was performed especially by Josh.
  • We\'ve tweaked some of the expert scores too, some were nearly impossible.
  • You\'ll be glad to know that the evasive final cod-piece on the serpent level can now be found! It was probably in a cloud before, outrageous. Even I couldn\'t find it.
  • Performance tweaks, including much better handling of low-memory situations -- this effectively completely gets rid of the \"black screen\" bug people have been reporting. It\'s all gooooood now.

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