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Knightlite TestMaker

01 August 2010

Create printable multiple choice tests.


With Knightlite TestMaker 5.0, creating a multiple choice test that can be printed out has never been easier. Originally created for Whiteman Air Force Base, TestMaker is a reasonably priced, powerful tool for teachers, instructors and students. It can be used both as a teaching tool and as a study tool. Tons of features in an easy to navigate interface, that has helped train thousands of Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics since 1996.

Knightlite TestMaker 5.0 allows the user to create an unlimited number of multiple choice tests with an unlimited number of questions. Tests can be taken on-screen or printed out in a variety of ways.

The software is easy to learn. Knightlite provides a large library of video tutorials to help you quickly learn to use all the features in this software app. Click this link for more details.


  • Create an unlimited number of topics, with an unlimited number of questions.
  • Create a terminology library and create terminology tests.
  • Built-in spell checker, with check-as-you-type spell checking
  • Add images, photos, and QuickTime (TM) video to any question.
  • New Teach Mode - Lets you add information and rationale behind the question.
  • Notes Palette allows you to create hints, page references and other information.
  • Software can read questions out loud to you.
  • Automatically saves your last session. Save multiple sessions.
  • Keeps track of the questions you incorrectly answer, and displays them in a window.
  • Allows you to clone sessions, so you can return to where you left off later.
  • Copy, merge, and rename and of your chapters. One-click delete chapters.
  • Easily copy specific questions from one test to another, to create a specific exam.
  • Print tests out in a variety of ways, including answer sheets and correction keys.
  • Print flash cards.
  • Print custom terminology tests.
  • Print terminology glossaries.
  • Create random tests from a single chapter, multiple chapters or all chapters.
  • 15 graphical skins - Change screen and printer fonts.
  • Database is easily edited.
  • The fastest way to create multiple choice tests. Lots of great features!

Knightlite provides free 30 minute electronic delivery and toll free technical support.

Demo version allows you to create a 10 question test. The demo version can be unlocked once purchased. Knightlite will also send your software out to you by mail on DVD. You get 30 minute delivery plus the disk in the mail.

What's new in Knightlite TestMaker

This is the first version released for Mac. Previous versions for Windows date back to 1997.

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