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The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application free download for Mac

The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application1.0

28 July 2010

Control Achmed, Peanut, Walter and other characters.


The Jeff Dunham iPhone App puts you in control of Achmed, Peanut, Walter, José Jalapeño, and Bubba J!

Press the randomizer button or shake your iPhone to hear and watch the characters say some of their most famous catch phrases. Each character has 5, so be sure to hear them all!

Play an interactive game where you control the characters' movements and try your hand at ventriloquism. Placing one finger anywhere on the screen controls the mouth and eye movements. Placing a second finger anywhere on the screen controls the eyebrows. (Peanut and Bubba J do not have eyebrow movements. For José, the second finger controls his eyelids.)

You can even record your own line for the characters to animate and play back with your voice. Achmed requested you please don't make him say anything nice.

Adjust the slider to control microphone and playback sensitivity.

The app brings you to the world of Dunham: Tour Dates, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, news updates, and the opportunity to sign up for Jeff's fan email list.

Walter Lines
•Who the hell cares?
•Ow, jerk.
•April fools, dumbass.
•Aw, shut the hell up.
•You\'re an idiot.

Peanut Lines
•You\'re the other White Meat.
•Am I P*****g You Off-fa-fa?
•A bunch of my friends are on sticks.
•Dats\' good, dat\'s good, dat\'s good.
•Jef-fuh-fuh Dun-ham dot com.

Achmed Lines
•It\'s a flesh wound.
•What happened to my feet?
•Silence, I Keel you!
•Good evening…infidel.
•It\'s Achmed. Ach-ch-ch-ch.

Bubba J Lines
•I\'ve Been Watching Nascar and Drinkin Beer!
•They\'re Makin A Left Turn!
•AA is for quitters.
•She had a corn dog in one hand and a beer in the other.
•She was leanin up against the ferris wheel…makin it tilt.

José Lines
•Do Not Drop Me Senor.
•I\'m A Comedian On A Steek.
•I\'m a Jalapeno On a Steek.
•My Name José.

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