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26 July 2010

Manage your tasks and notes.


Dejumble is a must have for those that want a simple way to manage their tasks and notes. With it\'s outward simplicity, Dejumble packs powerful features not found in any other todo or note taking application. Whether you want to strictly adhere to GTD principles, follow a prioritization method, just take notes or have a grocery list; Dejumble is the perfect fit for you!

✔ Tasks and notes together in a simple yet powerful app for iPhone.
✔ Synchronize tasks and notes in realtime with Dejumble for Mac.
✔ Tag and prioritize, set due dates and stay focused.
✔ Add subtasks to notes
✔ Take the boring out of notes with basic formatting like bold and italic.
✔ Search tasks using keywords from notes, titles and priorities.
✔ File important completed tasks
✔ Postpone tasks to someday using the tag of your choice.

When using Dejumble, you are not tied to your device. Synchronize with as many Mac\'s and iPhones (iPods, and iPads too) using a free Dejumble Account and Dejumble for Mac. Forgot to sync before you left home? No worries, Dejumble keeps in sync anywhere you have wireless service: using our proprietary push sync technology. Changes from your iPhone are instantly reflected on your Mac. No need for a sync button here.

With Dejumble, notes are not just a simple add-on, they are an essential part of the design. Add subtasks, create bold and italic text and set colours using Dejumble\'s super simple wiki editing. Here\'s an example of notes:
Errands while I\'m out.
- Get milk
- Get Eggs
- Get _Pizza_
- *Drop of library books.*

In Dejumble, we\'ve made tagging and prioritization as natural as entering the title of a task. Tags can be entered anywhere in a task\'s title using the hash character (#), like #Work and #Errands. The same goes for prioritizing tasks, use an exclamation point followed by a value from 1-9, like !3 or !9. Once a task has been tagged, or prioritized; navigation is as simple as touching the tag. Here\'s an example of a task with some tags and a priority:
✔ Plan meeting with board about possible expansion #Planning #Phone !9

Note: Dejumble for Mac is available separately from We\'re also working on a Web and iPad version of Dejumble.

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Version 2.0.0:
  • Over-the-air synchronization with Dejumble for Mac 2.

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