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Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite4.1

02 December 2010

Make and send dazzling postcards; e-mail or snail mail.


Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite...Bill Atkinson, Apple Computer software legend and world renowned nature photographer, is back with an innovative product that redefines the way people create and send postcards.

With Bill Atkinson PhotoCard you can easily make dazzling, high resolution postcards on your iPhone or iPod touch, and send them on-the-spot, either through e-mail, or through the US Postal Service. The application is amazingly easy to use. To create a PhotoCard, select one of Bill Atkinson's exquisite nature photographs or use one of your own personal photos. Then, flip the PhotoCard over to type your custom message on the back. For a fun touch, jazz up your PhotoCard with your choice of decorative stickers and stamps. If you're e-mailing your message, it can even include an audible greeting in a voice note. When you've finished your creation, send it off to any e-mail or postal address in the world!

This lite version has exactly the same functionality as the full version, except for less content and no free sample card.
The lite version is a free app that is small enough to download over cellular. It includes 10 nature photos, 10 stamps, and 15 stickers.
The full version is a paid app that can be downloaded over WiFi. It includes 150 nature photos, 150 stamps, 325 stickers, and one free print-and-mail PhotoCard.

• No frustrations. Simple, intuitive, and fun graphical user interface
• No delay. Within minutes of thinking of a friend or family member, you can have your PhotoCard on its way to their mailbox or in their Inbox.
• Make it postcard-perfect. Use one of the stunning nature photos included with the app, or resize, crop and adjust one of your own newly-taken or existing photos.
• Write your message using any available font, size, and style.
• Edit in place and get what you see with full-screen page layout.
• Decorate PhotoCards with your choice of playful stickers and colorful stamps.
• Record voice notes, up to 60 seconds, and include them on e-mailed PhotoCards.
• Sending PhotoCards via e-mail is always free.
• If you choose the e-mail format, your recipient will be greeted by a high resolution image of the composite postcard, in either 720 x 960 or 960 x 1280 pixel size.
• Having cards professionally printed and mailed to USA addresses costs between $1.50 and $2.00 each. (Print-and-mail credits are discounted if you purchase in quantity.) Cards mailed to International addresses cost between $2.25 and $3.00.
• If you choose the postal mail format, your recipient will get a real 8.25 x 5.5 inch postcard, printed on glossy stock by a state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital press.
• Bring a world of beauty wherever you go. The included library of Bill's original nature photographs represents some of his finest work. A limited license to print and send these photos in PhotoCards for non-commercial purposes is included in your purchase.

Brought to you by Bill Atkinson, author of the original QuickDraw, MacPaint, and HyperCard software. (You can watch a video of Bill demonstrating PhotoCard at

What's new in Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite

Version 4.1:
  • Made necessary changes to work with iOS 4.2
  • Updated to include all new fonts in iOS 4.2
  • Added better prompting for choosing addresses
  • Improved real-time address checking
  • Fixed voice note sound distortion
  • Still works with all versions of iOS 3.1 and later
  • Still a universal app optimized for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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