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Antetype Web202005181033

17 June 2020

A professional prototyping tool.


Antetype Web is a professional prototyping tool.

Highest Fidelity

Because Antetype is built on web technology, there are endless possibilities to bring your ideas to life. High fidelity prototypes with real data input and micro-interactions are made with ease. With the power of Javascript, you can level up your prototypes even more.

Advanced Layout

No more fiddling around with pixels. We got you covered with all the tools you need for your daily business. Create truly responsive designs with our engine based on Flexbox. Stop pushing pixels and start designing.

Automated Specs

Create and customize an overview of all your widgets with ease and use the specification inspector for a streamlined designer-developer workflow.

Color Management

Create color variables and sync them throughout your project. If a color changes, just update it once. Export color overviews for your specification.

Live Preview on Any Device

By building Antetype on native web technology, you can preview your design and test your prototype on every device with a supported browser. There is also a native iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

What's new in Antetype Web

Version 202005181033:

Antetype Viewer for iOS

  • Templates updated
  • Cleanup of Help menu to point to the new website
  • New Icon Set
  • Removed tabindex from cells with focus-state (breaking change)
  • Focus-State and "Focus"/"Focus Out"-Events now trigger for elements inside the cell too
  • Moved "New Vector Cell" (menu and toolbar) to Develop-Menu
  • Added "Center Screen"-plugin, removed "Replace Color" and "Used Colors"
Fixed Bugs:
  • Color-Popovers: List of colors was too narrow
  • After using File > Revert and adding a cell the next save failed with "Validation Errors"
  • Fixed a crash after File > Revert while the interaction inspector was active
  • Fixed Scrolling on iOS-Devices
  • target specifier "All Children" did only return the direct children, not all
  • Fixed crash in Script-Action-Popover
  • Paste-Image + undo raised an exception
  • "+"-button in the tab-bar (Tabs visible) did open a broken document, now we show the template chooser
  • Fil-Popover: Image: fixed broken Searchfield
  • In-Place-Presentation Mode: Only the last active screen was rebuild, now we remove all visited screens from the cache
  • In-Place-Presentation Mode: Pseudo States (Mouse over, pressed etc.) broken after switching screens
  • Create Widget: Action Set-refrences pointing to a inner cell were lost
  • Fixed a potential crash while exporting a WebViewer and font problems
  • Screen inspector hidden on start, but control says its visible
  • Could not change system font in quickbar
  • Menu Item File > Manage Breakpoints… was always disabled
  • Quickbar line-hight-combo box-crash fixed
  • After deleting a breakpoint-pseudo-state, the corresponding CSS was not removed

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