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11 June 2019

Turn your Mac into a public access kiosk.


eCrisper makes it easy to turn a Mac into a secure public access Internet kiosk.

It is used by schools, museums, hotels, churches, and libraries to reliably and elegantly give access to web content.

Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Customizable Layout

eCrisper divides the screen into 5 optional and resizable areas

  • Each area can display rich web content
  • The top area can also display a title and two logos
  • The left and right sides can each display up to 20 buttons linked to URLs
  • The bottom area can display a timer, a quit button, a language list, and a login box
Secure Kiosk Mode
eCrisper locks down the operating system into kiosk mode
  • Prevents user access to the desktop, applications, and folders
  • Deactivates undesired key combinations
  • Prohibits the downloading of files from the Internet
  • Automatically restarts in the event of a crash
User Data Deleted

When a session is ended by the user or because of inactivity, eCrisper closes all browser windows, deletes cookies, cache, and browser history, and returns to the home page.

Limited Sessions Duration

You can offer free unlimited access, free but limited to a maximum number of minutes, or use accounts from your own central user database (prepaid cards).

Inactivity Timeout

A session is ended automatically if no activity is detected for a specified duration. The user receives a warning and can prevent the timeout.

Website Restrictions

You can restrict access to specified URLs, for example your organization’s websites.


You can easily add languages or modify existing ones. This gives you complete control over the text displayed to the users. Users can switch between languages.

Simple and Reliable

eCrisper was implemented specifically for Mac using Apple’s latest software technologies and with an obsessive attention to details. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use.

The World’s Most Advanced Operating System

The rock-solid UNIX foundation of Mac OS X provides unparalleled stability and performance. This is key to successful kiosks.

The World’s Most Advanced Web Browser Engine

Web browsing is powered by WebKit, the world’s most advanced browser engine, the same engine used by Safari and Google Chrome.

What's new in eCrisper

Version 3.5:
  • Added the option to display a Quit button on the browser navigation bar (where the Back/Forward and Home buttons are). It is not displayed by default and must be activated on the Layout/Center tab. The text in the button can be changed.

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