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26 May 2010

Converts clipboard text into speech.


SpeakHaven speaks whatever is on the computer clipboard whenever the application is brought to the foreground. If the clipboard is unchanged it is ignored, otherwise it speaks the new clipboard text. Highlight any text in the window and have it speak that text. Simple but effective for speaking text in applications that don't have a keyboard shortcut.

What's new in SpeakHaven

Version 1.4:
  • Checks for new version on HMS server
  • Windows now uses an installer
  • Advertising window removed.
  • There is now a mute button and volume slider.
  • Any text on the clipboard is spoken immediately when the application comes to the foreground - nothing else to do. Any currently speaking text will stop and the new text begun. If the clipboard text is the same as that already in the text area then it is not read a second time and ignored, allowing any current speaking to continue.
  • The clipboard text is placed in the text window and can be highlighted and spoken.
  • Works for Mac and Windows. Unfortunately the speech technology used is not available under Linux. If this changes a Linux version will be introduced.
  • Added an About window and link to HMS Web site.
  • There are now menu shortcuts to raise and lower the volume, mute, toggle the window.
  • Whenever the application is brought to the foreground it regains the system volume in case it was adjusted externally.

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