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14 February 2020

Flexible flashcard application.


Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

Anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life can benefit from Anki. Since it is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are endless.

For example:

  • Learning a language
  • Studying for medical and law exams
  • Memorizing people's names and faces
  • Brushing up on geography
  • Mastering long poems
  • Practicing guitar chords

What's new in Anki

Version 2.1.20:
Audio changes:
  • Text to speech is now supported in card templates.
  • Audio buttons are now shown on the card, and can be turned off in the preferences. They will show for both regular audio and text to speech.
  • You can customize the size and colour.
  • Added shortcut keys in the review screen to pause and jump forward/backward 5 seconds.
  • Anki now starts a new copy of mplayer for each audio file on Windows, which avoids the need to create temporary files.
  • Added an option in the preferences to not interrupt the currently playing audio when answering.
  • Fix multiple spaces in filenames from getting truncated when pasting sound files.
Night mode:
  • The night mode option in the preferences screen now turns the interface dark as well.
  • On macOS, when the system is in dark mode, Anki will switch to night mode automatically.
  • Invert LaTeX in night mode (thanks to zjosua).
  • Some of the colours in areas like the graphs could be improved - pull requests with included screenshots of the changes would be appreciated.
Add-on changes:
  • Anki will now check for add-on updates automatically once a day.
  • Disabled add-ons are now included in the check as well.
  • Add-on authors can specify the minimum and maximum Anki version they support, and add-ons will be automatically disabled when running on an unsupported Anki version.
  • Add-on authors can now upload different add-on versions for different Anki versions, and Anki will download the correct one.
  • A new hook system for add-ons - please see here.
  • For add-on authors, some more examples using the new hook system are available on the following page, including ported versions of the clickable tags and additional card fields add-ons
Other changes:
  • Added the ability to export selected notes from the Browse screen (thanks to Arthur).
  • Updated to a newer toolkit.
  • Emptying a filtered deck in the V2 scheduler no longer unsuspends suspended cards inside it.
  • Fix incorrect delay being logged when Hard is used on the first learning step in the V2 scheduler.
  • The editor no longer modifies percent-escaped text outside of image tags.
  • Fix an extra linebreak being left in a field when an image is attached to an empty field.
  • Tweaks to the tag updated notes feature (thanks to Erez)
  • Fix cards being sorted in wrong order when added after the note was created (thanks to Arthur)
  • Disabled elastic scrolling in webviews to work around a Qt bug.
  • Don’t filter em/strong tags when pasting.
  • Fix error when double-clicking the open profile button.
  • Constrain image width in editor to the field width.

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14 April 2019

Most helpful

Great! If you know HTML and CSS :D
Version 2.1.11
19 February 2020
It helps a lot. Thank you so much!!
Version 2.1.20
14 April 2019
Great! If you know HTML and CSS :D
Version 2.1.11