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02 October 2019

Lightweight image browser and viewer.


Lyn is a fast, lightweight image browser and viewer designed for photographers, graphic artists, and Web designers. Featuring an extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing interface, it delivers an easy-to-use geotagging technology and a complete solution for sharing your photographs. The new editing inspector gives you everything to turn your shots into great photos. Adjust exposure, color temperature, brightness, and contrast, or reveal image details with highlight and shadow adjustments. You can experiment and convert your color photos to black and white, try a classic sepia tone, or add a vignette.

Lyn natively supports all popular image formats like JPEG, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PNG, PPM, TGA, RAW, HDR, OpenEXR, animated GIF, and any other image format supported by OS X. It also integrates a movie player to watch camera recordings.

  • Progressive display, on single- or multiple-monitor configurations, of images of virtually any size
  • Multi-threading to take advantage of multicore CPUs
  • Display color-corrected images and soft-proofing function
  • Compatible with High Dynamic-Range images like TIFF float as well as Radiance and OpenEXR
  • Common metadata parser: EXIF, Camera's makernote, GPS, GeoTIFF, IPCT
  • Image navigation with Apple Remote Control or Magic Trackpad.
  • User-switchable thumbnails cache
  • Filtering by tags and metadata
  • Fullscreen and slideshow with music
  • Full IPTC editing with user-defined presets
  • Batch operations: convert and rename
  • User-defined places
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Editing inspector with filters and effects: temperature and tint, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlight, and shadow. Black and white, sepia tone, and vignette
  • Easily browse your iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom libraries!
  • Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SmugMug, 500px, and Picasa Web Albums sharing!
  • Maps layout: geotag your photographs and edit locations with a simple drag and drop.
  • Integrated QuickTime video player

What's new in Lyn

Version 1.12:
  • Notarized for macOS Catalina
  • Fixed handling of grayscale and other TIFF related formats
  • Fixed thumbnails' memory management

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17 March 2010

Most helpful

I like where the app is going, but it's in desperate need of a proper icon!
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Version 1.0b7
12 October 2019
There's a bug in Lyn I've reported numerous times - and never received word from the developer. If I select a series of images I cannot do a batch copyright or keyword on these selected images. A problem I had hope the developer would correct. But when I can't get even a reply to my question that's disappointing.
Version 1.12
09 July 2019
problem with the memory was fixed I think, and it is the best image manager and viewer together with XnViewMP.
Version 1.11
21 March 2019
Pretty good
Version 1.11
26 September 2018
I like Lyn a lot and own a copy. I also own a 4K display which I'm using in Retina mode. Unfortunately "Zoom to Full Size" does not give per pixel blow up (1.5 screens with my 6000 x 4000 pixel images) but blow up to 2x (my screen is set at 2560 x 1440 Retina). I hope the developer gets around to adding full Retina support. It's not there now. This is really a problem as it means that even in fit to window mode the pixels may not be 1 to 1 (at first glance it appears they may be). More time wasting testing for me and less trust and certainty in the use of Lyn. Lyn promises to be Retina aware. I hope Mirko can iron out these Retina bugs. In the meantime, I've had to switch to LilyView for browsing images (Preview does not work properly in Retina mode on a 4K monitor either). LilyView behaves as expected. It's from the same team who developed DaisyDisk (another application I really like). LilyView doesn't have much of the advanced folder browsing and file/EXIF management tools that Lyn offers, so I'll be using the two in parallel for now.
Version 1.9.8
26 March 2018
I like Lyn, but unfortunately it gobbles a lot and lot of memory. Slows down my iMac to a crawl when it's open. Even when it's not open but sitting in the dock, still heavy. It is not lightweight at all.
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Version 1.9.6
2 answer(s)
20 April 2018
Agree. If you have a lot of images (60K) it essentially chokes the app. There is a serious memory leak problem with this app. If you have just a few hundred or so you're ok but as your library grows it becomes useless. I run a late iMac with 32G M
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22 April 2018
@ fsgrafix...what do you suggest to use instead ? Is Pixave better ? Or to go back to Photos ?
31 December 2017
IMO, the best image viewer, simple, effective, powerful. Constantly updated, great support. It's a no brainer.
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Version 1.9.5
20 December 2017
Using it for five years now. The interface is badly designed (terrible spacing among groups and folders in left panel, toolbar items seems unfinished). Developer choose to add some image adjust tools but never improved the interface. Anyway, the app does quite well what it is designed to do. Tried other image viewers and decided to keep Lyn due to its simplicity and good performance.
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Version 1.9.4
26 March 2017
I'm using Lyn(full version) for the last couple weeks. It shows everything on your computer. And I mean everything, including your home folder, documents...etc. In short, all of Finder is there. You can only "hide" it. So, Lyn is not only photo organizer. It is just like an enhanced Finder. No, I don't need it. Unbound on the other hand, is strictly photo organizer in the most simple way. It will organize only photos which you will bring in.
Version 1.8.7
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21 April 2017
want to correct myself:
I was using XnView, which is very fast, although the interface is very different, but I like it. It does the same thing, it shows every single image on your computer, just like Lyn. I mentioned also Unbound. It has a problem loading over 11,000 images. But the developer promised to fix it.
So, I'm going back to Lyn.
Something else, I removed all my images from Photos, and placed them in a folder on Desktop, and on external hard drive.
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06 November 2016
This is actually a good app. Although the GUI isn't very modern to today standards it is very easy and simple that just works without a steep learning curve. The price is a bit too high imo. Still worth checing out.
Version 1.8.2
17 April 2016
I've been looking for an OS X alternative to the excellent FastStone on Windows. So far this is the closest I've found but it's sadly quite inferior to FastStone. My main gripes are -1: It's slow, really slow. It generates thumbnails every time I enter a folder (caching it seems isn't something Lyn can do) and it's a slow process. Then scrolling through screens of thumbnails is oddly clunky and juddery. They're just thumbnails, this should be lightning fast. 2: There's no option to scale up smaller images to fill the screen automatically. They can be manually zoomed (in large increments), but without filtering, so they look really ugly. 3: It crashes quite a bit. It's a start, but I think the dev could improve this significantly.
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Version 1.6
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07 May 2016
Try ViewIt. It's all I use on a Mac to view images :
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09 May 2016
@ philip_baxter: Though I can't compare Lyn with FastStone as i've never done Windows, you might try Emulsion (which is what I currently use) or you can look at Media Pro where you can get a decent price if you've ever used iView Media Pro or Expression Media..
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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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