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20 February 2013

Paint program for OS X.


PaintDS is a full-featured bitmap/image editor for the Mac that is easy to use, but sufficiently powerful to handle most of your basic graphics needs. PaintDS is the perfect tool for creating simple images, cropping photographs, and other tasks similar to MSPaint for Microsoft™ Windows, or the now missing Apple™ MacPaint program.

PaintDS can handle graphics in PNG, JPG or BMP, GIF and TIFF formats. The current version of PaintDS is for Intel-based Macs only.


  • Full Image or Selected Area Rotation
  • User defined Gradient Fills [ala Photoshop]
  • Free-Form Drawing
  • Select/Cut/Paste
  • Eraser/Color Eraser
  • Fill with Color
  • Choose Any Color [up to 16 Million]
  • Zoom from 25% to 1600%
  • Built in Text Editor
  • Built in Shape Gallery
  • Airbrush
  • Lines
  • Curves
  • Rectangle
  • Oval/Circles
  • Polygons
  • Resize or Rescale Images
  • On Screen Color Meter
  • Adjust RGB levels
  • Control Brightness
  • Convert to GrayScale
  • Convert to Sepia Tones
  • Convert to Black & White
  • Crop Photographs/Graphics
  • Built in Thumbnail Navigation
  • New Text Mode with Shadows and Rotation
  • Select from 32 Patterns for filling Rectangles, Ovals and random shapes
  • Edit Fill Patterns to add your own touches
  • ...and much much more!

What's new in PaintDS

Version 1.27]:
  • Fixes first time silent shutdown after initial program download
  • Enhanced thumbnail display
  • Multiple color palettes, including skin-tones
  • Updated overlay grid display

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7 Reviews of PaintDS

01 April 2010

Most helpful

Oh my god... MS Paint for Mac???????? And you actually you have to PAY $15 for it?? With a non-native look too?? WTF man.... WTF...
20 April 2014
Version: 1.27]
What an awful image editing app. It lacks basic stuff like undo, layers, metadata, .. ... Loading bigger files is painfull slow too. Even for free I cannot recommend this. If you really need a MSPaint-a-like app, I suggest looking at Paint Pad- cheaper and way better.
28 January 2013
Version: 1.22]
Just a comment about the two positive reviews below: looking at the profiles of "Graphicguy" and "Monsuelo", they created their MacUpdate account the same day they wrote their reviews and almost never visited ever since. I don't know, but that seems a bit suspicious to me. Of course, it is entirely possible that these are two guys coming from the PC/Windows-platform and, the only app they ever found for the Mac was PaintDS – and then they were excited about it…
04 August 2010
Version: 1.10
I was not too crazy about this. I just downloaded the demo to try a little doodling, and this app was not very responsive at all. The interface just doesn't feel right for a Mac app, either; it feels Linuxy, and this isn't a compliment. (Of course, the average Linux app does have an advantage over PaintDS in that you don't have to plonk down $15 for a crappy piece of software.) Definitely not going to buy this one.
23 May 2010
Version: 1.10
I too came from a WIndows environment, and find PAINTDS to not only be for the most part intuitive, but much more powerful that MSPAINT was. For those that are complaining about paying for it... Geez guys, its only $15! Do you expect decent software for free? I'd have paid $40 for it... I haven't found another program that comes close. The only other one was something called PAINTBRUSH, but its so full of bugs it is not even usable, plus hasn't been updated in over a year
16 May 2010
Version: 1.10
LOL @ giving this software a low rating because its not free. Not everyone has money issues. Coming from a Pc environment and used to MSPaint's simplicity this software is a GEM. Tried some of the other "FREE" ones, and this one is awesome. btw, I know Photoshop inside and out, but for quick stuff Microsoft paint ruled. Now with this PaintDS, not too sure.
02 April 2010
This must be the most lame image editor ever. Asking money for this is a crime. Paying for it is stupid. There are tons of free and much much better alternatives. Avoid as hell
01 April 2010
Oh my god... MS Paint for Mac???????? And you actually you have to PAY $15 for it?? With a non-native look too?? WTF man.... WTF...