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FoxTrot Search Server6.5.2

20 July 2018

Enhances your file sharing or file server.


FoxTrot Search Server enhances your file sharing or file server with precision background indexing, searching, and retrieval of documents. FoxTrot Search server is bundled with all 10-user-and-above site licenses of FoxTrot Professional Search, which acts as its front-end.

What's new in FoxTrot Search Server

Version 6.5.2:
  • Important notes
    • FoxTrot 6 is a paid upgrade for users of version 5 and earlier.
    • Version 6.5 introduces an updated index format. Indices created by version 6.0.4, and used without rebuilding with version 6.5, should remain compatible if you revert to version 6.0.4. However if you rebuild your index with version 6.5, you will need to rebuild it again in version 6.0 if you revert / downgrade to version 6.0.4.
  • Client/Server bug fix (FoxTrot Pro multi-user and FoxTrot Search Server)
    • Fixed a case where connecting to a FoxTrot server would ask the user to trust the server's certificate, even if the certificate is already trusted. This was only occurring on macOS 10.13, when connecting to the server by specifying its hostname, and if the server was not using a CA-issued certificate.
    • More detailed error logging if connecting to a FoxTrot Server fails due to a certificate or TLS problem.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements

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