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Skyscraper free download for Mac


Version 2.0 Alpha 8

SBS tool builds 3D building simulations.

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Skyscraper overview

Skyscraper is a fully-featured, modular, 3D realtime building simulator, powered by the Scalable Building Simulator (SBS) engine. The main feature SBS provides is a very elaborate and realistic elevator simulator, but also simulates general building features such as walls, floors, stairs, shaftwork and more. Many more things are planned, including gaming support (single and network multiplayer), and a graphical building designer.

What’s new in version 2.0 Alpha 8

Updated on Feb 28 2013

Version 2.0 Alpha 8:
  • Eevators now report as available if on the same floor as the call and not moving, regardless of the door state fixes an issue where pressing call buttons more than once would open additional elevators
  • Fixed TruncateNumber function, to return correct floating point precision without exponent
  • Dialog text box resizes
  • Remade queueresets feature
  • Floor announcement sound is now played along with the other arrival notifications, and so is affected by NotifyEarly
  • Up/down message sounds now play according to last chime direction
  • Elevator now chimes the previous chime direction if doors reopen (if applicable)
  • Turned off queue reversals if NotifyEarly is on
  • Added ReOpen elevator parameter
  • Added AutoEnable option to turn on and off automatic enabling/disabling of elevator interior objects
  • Added queue pending state flag
  • Fixes issue where pressing both call buttons in a 2 elevator shaft would call the same elevator for both
  • Switched to standard elevator availability check for single
  • Elevator call buttons
  • Major work on elevator queue/arrival notification code
  • Call button behavior fixes
  • Changed freelook crosshair to cross
  • Added elevator queue limit, to prevent calls opposite of queue direction from being placed removed same
  • Floor check in call button code, which broke calls when elevator was moving past current floor
  • Decreased classic elevator door spacing
  • Fixed logic that caused down calls to alternate chime direction
  • Added inspection service speed multiplier setting
  • Elevators now ignore the leveling offset if brakes are turned on while beyond that offset
  • Fixed a floor check and positioning issue with in
  • Elevator directional indicators, which caused only single indicators to be created
  • Added default/error texture
  • Added support for configuring the main menu from the INI file
  • Reversed the Sears Tower and Glass Tower menu entries shift-clicking on doors now locks them
  • Added new command SetKey, which allows models to be specified as keys
  • Added new command SetLock, which sets lock parameters when creating doors, controls and call buttons
  • Fixed elevator door bumpers
  • Added actions for inspection service up/down/go toggle options
  • Added support for multiple parents per action
  • Added ip20112.5 update for "The Spire" building
  • New Glass Tower roof, based on movie blueprints
  • Fixed a name check bug in the cut function, which was causing elevator door filler walls (done by FinishDoor()) to sometimes fail
  • Added support for elevator door vertical offsets
  • Elevators now stop according to the shaft door's voffset instead of the floor's base, where applicable
  • Added note to script guide mentioning that automatic filler walls needs all related walls to contain the word "shaft" for it to work
  • Changed camera speed to half, for a more realistic walking speed
  • Fixed texture autosizing quirks (diagonal walls/floors are now autosized correctly)
  • Added ability to delete models, controls and triggers
  • Limited object prepare on delete, speeds up object deletion
  • Added a fog multiplier setting in the INI file (changes fog density)
  • Glass Tower
  • New test service elevator serving most floors
  • Glass Tower
  • Changed executive elevator to use floors in movie depiction
  • New stairwells in Glass Tower, along with railings
  • Work done on Glass Tower floors 135-137
  • Updated AddFloor command, which fixes a number of issues with the old command
  • Fixes for planar texture mapper's autoflip functionality now appears to work properly (but might potentially cause minor breakage of existing buildings need to check)
  • Added ReverseAxis and texture direction parameters to AddFloor
  • Added rotate option to the planar texture mapper (which the texture direction parameter now uses)
  • Added GotoFloor function (mainly in camera controller window)
  • Added percentage indicator to script startup
  • Added note to the script guide about custom texture mapping and automatic reversals
  • New glass elevators in Glass Tower
  • Fixed issue preventing custom walls from being made in elevators
  • Separated elevator motor sounds between up and down movements
  • Added comments in script guide about leaving sound fields blank
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed volume bug in AddSound
  • Volume parameter was specified as an int, preventing fractional volume values
  • Added lobby ambient sound to Triton Center
  • Added support for split car up/down elevator sounds
  • Added support for playing multiple sounds with the same name from an action
  • Added support for running multiple actions with the same name
  • Added couch model to Simple building, with physics enabled
  • Added centering support to models, and added parameter to AddModel commands
  • Added second couch to Simple building, and couch to top of Triton Center
  • Fixed object parent values for some new objects
  • Some fixes to cascading object deletion
  • Triton Center antenna tiling fix
  • Added texture animation
  • Added support for direct loading of ogre materials in data/materials
  • Added caching to GetFloor() and related functions
  • Triton Center external windows overhaul, using alpha blending Glass Tower overhaul
  • Added Action and Trigger objects
  • Added action viewer (control panel window)
  • Fixed global AddSound command which was overriding the per object ones
  • Updated AddSound command for FMOD and added loop option for new control/trigger commands
  • Fixed texture and material counters
  • Added changetexture, playsound and stopsound actions
  • Disabled doppler effect (sounds) by default
  • Default main sim window size now changed to 800x600, menu window size separated and kept at 640x480 (configurable)
  • Added internal skip for wildcards in filenames (*) (fixes those bogus error messages)
  • started in sim object creation (code constructor)
  • Added building startup options to turn on/off collisions and gravity (listed in the designguide)
  • Disable basement number conformity (fixes Cliveden Desmond Wharf)
  • Added a file check for the include section (loading now fails if an included file cannot be found this prevents serious and hard-to-diagnose errors later on)
  • Added Empty building (not working properly, but is used to create buildings from scratch)
  • Object colliders are now removed by default (for running performance) except for elevator doors (due to slowdowns when entering Triton Center elevators)
  • Disabled backface polygons for ground
  • Object info listbox now updates if you exit that window and re-enter
  • Added new control aliases, mostly for Mac users
  • Added support for setting the default sky time speed in the INI file for Caelum, and changed the default to 25 (you can now easily see the clouds moving, and a day moves much faster so you can more quickly see sunrises and sunsets)
  • Switched Mac frontend to use Cocoa
  • Switched from normal flipping to standard texture flip (for ogre coordinate system compatibility)
  • Added the Caelum sky system
  • Lowered default texture filtering anisotropy level to 4 (from 8 ) switched to 16
  • Bit hardware indices; should fix geometry corruption on some older cards, and should improve performance somewhat
  • If a cut operation eliminated an entire polygon, the original polygon would not be deleted
  • Added ability to only play elevator music while moving, and updated related INI file parameters
  • Added advanced option to profiler
  • Added profiler system
  • Added check for duplicate entries in missing files list
  • Added proper error reporting (and OGRE exception handling) to frontend initializer
  • Fix for operational conflict between floor grouping and ShaftShowFloors command
  • Added DisplayFloors parameters
  • Added texel override
  • Added physics support for models
  • Added support for model colliders
  • Added support for Ogre meshes (using converters for Google Sketchup)
  • Added checks to ensure that starting floors are less than ending floors in AddShaft and AddStairwell commands
  • Gravity reset fix and fix for IsInShaft() distance check
  • Fixed an issue where shaft would rapidly turn on and off if on top of elevator
  • Fixed issue involving reversed polygon faces resulting in some textures being reversed. Put in a precision workaround for Alpha 7 compatibility.
  • Sound fixes, added ability to view camera collider via F7, and fixed a line skip issue in the script interpreter
  • Filler wall reset fix
  • Added support for different open/close speeds for elevator doors
  • Wxwidgets compatibility fix
  • Added proper failures on numeric checks to report errors and prevent loops
  • Added texture filtering options, and switched default to anisotropic (previously bilinear)
  • Added ability to switch on and off collision detection and visible colliders via F7
  • Split SBS into shared object on Linux, and restructured source files
  • Removed AddGenWall and migrated items using it to AddWallMain
  • Switched translator code to OGRE's right
  • hand coordinate system (SBS uses left hand)
  • Switched to FMOD for sound
  • Switched to OGRE for graphics
  • Switched to Bullet for collisions and physics
  • Triton Center renovation
  • Fixed door filler walls
  • Object deletion fixes
  • Added geometry deletion support
  • Fix crash that only happens if shafts are created out of order
  • New internal mesh object system (Skyscraper now generates it's own 3D geometry)
  • New horizon distance setting
  • Added render distance limits for small objects





75.8 MB

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App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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Apr 27 2020
2.0 Alpha 8
Apr 27 2020
Version: 2.0 Alpha 8
amazing elevators
Mar 15 2010
2.0 alpha 6
Mar 15 2010
Version: 2.0 alpha 6
Well, it works... you want a fully rendered 3D skyscraper? You get one. I see now why the elevator system is essential to the building. However, lots of things did not work for me. I could get the elevator doors open by clicking on them, but the cars never moved and the buttons did not light up. Flying/floating did not work either. So I had to go up stairs, around and around, that was annoying... other than that it was well rendered with nice textures and fun to fall down inside an elevator shaft and look around (not). I think it needs lots more work.
Nov 9 2009
Nov 9 2009
Version: 1.5
Looks intriguing but the download has about 90 items and not a clue what to do with them. Upon going to 'Skyscraper Project's forum I see that Skyscraper is far, far from a finished project......may take a year to complete. Oh great, so why did the developer put the feckin' thing out here so prematurely? Duh! It's essentially unusable. (Skyscraper seems to be a one person operation....the developer' apparently has a full time job and not much spare time to devote to his project). I don't get it, I...just...don't...get...it. So for all practical purposes this thing's a waste of time and energy.
Apr 27 2020
Apr 27 2020
Version: null
Mar 15 2010
Mar 15 2010
Version: null
Nov 9 2009
Nov 9 2009
Version: null
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