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22 October 2009

Interactive MTA subway map, Transit Guide & Cross-Street Calculator.


NYC SubwayInteractive MTA Subway Map, Transit Guide & Cross-Street Calculator for NYC commuters

Lets face it: there are multiple New York "map apps" on the appstore - why choose ours?

  • Ever gotten an address like 555 5th ave and been left wondering what the cross street was? We certainly have. We've got the solution with our built-in CROSS-STREET CALCULATOR.
  • Felt utterly helpless when your subway line suddenly stops unexpectedly on the weekend and you have to switch to a shuttle bus? This won't be such a surprise with our support for MTA SERVICE ADVISORIES - and we even cache them so they are available when you are underground.
  • We have great looking, GEOGRAPHICALLY ACCURATE MAPS, of the entire MTA subway system in all boroughs, created specifically for the iPhone.
  • We show which trains stop at EACH AND EVERY STOP, so you can finally tell with certainty whether or not an express train stops at any given stop on the line - the official MTA map doesn't even do this because they are forced to cram so much info into a small space for print purposes.
  • You can use this app with one hand - all controls are accessible with the thumb alone, from navigating the service advisories to zooming the map by double-tapping.
  • We are New Yorkers ourselves; we use this app EVERY DAY.

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices
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