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20 October 2009

Set of tools for taking pictures.


CameraSnap gives you a whole new set of tools to enjoy your iPhone camera.

The button snapmode enables users to shoot spontaneous pictures and it helps battery saving in poor light situations

You can also set up different timings, taking pictures after up to 30 sec. delay: just set the delay, put the iPhone in a steady position and take a picture of you and your friends!

You can set different sizes, so that you can save images in three different pixel resolutions (up to 1600x1200!) and even set up manually a specific orientation, ignoring accelerometer's inputs.

With sport mode you'll be able to take three pictures in a row, with a resolution of 400x300 pixels and switching to roll mode you can shoot up to 100 pictures at a set shooting interval (up to 1 minute between each picture)

Extend your iPhone camera possibilities!

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