F.I.A.R (Four in a Row)
F.I.A.R (Four in a Row)


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F.I.A.R (Four in a Row) free download for Mac

F.I.A.R (Four in a Row)1.0

12 October 2009

Clone of the classic board game Connect Four.


F.I.A.R. (Four in a Row)Challenge your friend to a game of "Four in a Row" - a unique but simple board game. Outplay and outsmart your opponent in this battle of the minds in your race to complete a row, a column or a diagonal of four coins.


  • Unique art - more than just blue and red circles.
  • Unique sound effects to make winning even more fun (but you can switch them off too).
  • Saves your state in between games or if interrupted (ie. by a call).

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