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05 October 2009

Match cubes to avoid a tall stack.


Cube Crazy is a puzzle game that deals with falling cubes. A pair of cubes spawn on screen, One on TOP while another on BOTTOM. They "fall" to the MIDDLE of screen and stack. When 3 or more same-colored cubes connect, they shrink.

Either pile of cubes hitting top(or bottom) would make you lose. Players need to deal with cubes from both sides at the same time. Therefore the main aim is to try your best to put same-colored cubes together and make them shrink.


  • Players can exchange the TOP cube with the BOTTOM cube by DRAGGING-UP on screen.
  • When iconed cubes shrink, they bring special effects, which are usually helpful, emm… usually.
  • As your score increases, game difficulty will increase meanwhile. Cubes fall faster, and show more kinds of colors. Players can gain higher titles, such as "Knight" or even "King". Highest score records will be stored in Leader board.

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