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04 August 2012

Database storage and query engine that holds RDF data.


4store is a database storage and query engine that holds RDF data. It has been used by Garlik as their primary RDF platform for three years, and has proved itself to be robust and secure. 4store's main strengths are it's performance, scalability and stability. It does not provide many features over and above RDF storage and SPARQL queries, but if your are looking for a scalable, secure, fast and efficient RDF store, then 4store should be on your shortlist.

What's new in 4store

Version 1.1.5:

New features:

  • Non MDNS admin system, for clusters with lots of KBs, and systems with no multicast (e.g. Amazon EC2) - Dave Challis
  • RDF 1.1 bNode Skolemsation (enabled with --enable-skolemization)
  • Implementation of IN and NOT IN
  • Increase maximum number of segments in one DB
  • OFFSET and LIMIT now works with GROUP BY
  • BIND implemented
  • Chache stats in HTTP server status page
  • Support skolemisation in CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE
  • Some support for xsd:date
  • Access control support (graph level), see here - Manuel Salvadores
  • DISTINCT in Aggregates
Bug fixes:
  • Loads of improvements to test system - everyone
  • Fix bug in disjunctive FILTER optimisation
  • Handle Turtle MIME type correctly
  • Bugfix for DESCRIBE, returning wrong RDF syntax - Mischa Tuffield
  • Bugfix for DESCRIBE in graphs with cycles - Manuel Salvadores
  • Bugfix to URI prefix compression - Manuel Salvadores
  • Bugfix for numeric types in INSERT/DELETE DATA
  • Better XML result output
  • Bind all variables when WHERE pattern forms a triangle of triples - Manuel Salvadores
  • Fix for shell tools - Pavol Rusnak
  • Make FROM work with DESCRIBE
  • Better portability across Linux distros - Rob Syme, Leif Warner
  • SPARQL Update and language tag fixes
  • Various optimiser improvments
  • INSERT ... WHERE ... bugfixes
  • ORDER BY on AS projected variables - Manuel Salvadores
  • Better static build tools - Nicholas Humfrey

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