AstroRaider free download for Mac


17 September 2009

Attack aliens through 8 difficult levels.


In AstroRaider you have to navigate your way through outer space and try to complete each of the eight levels. Each level gets more difficult as you go, with tougher aliens and more asteroids coming at you. To complete each level, you have to defeat all of the queens and open the warp gate. But be careful, a queen packs quite a punch, dishing out devastating damage with each attack.


  • 8 mind blowing levels!
  • Replay completed levels.
  • Replay the whole game from scratch.
  • 3 types of enemy alien attack ships.
  • 8 power levels for the blaster cannon with a "double-shot" at power level 5.
  • 3 special weapons upgrades. EM Pulse every 2000 points, Super Shield every 5000 points, and the Nuke every 10000 points.
  • Flip the controls for right or left handed play.
  • Awesome rock soundtrack that makes your playing experience even more enjoyable.

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