Clip Studio Paint

1.7.4 12 Jun 2018

All-in-one solution for ready-to-publish comics and manga (was Manga Studio EX).


Developer website: Celsys Inc

Clip Studio Paint (was Manga Studio EX) is the world's leading comic and manga creation software. It delivers powerful cutting edge drawing and coloring tools, making it essential for professional comic and manga artists.

  • Choose from over 3,000 screen tones or create your own.
  • Resize with no loss in quality by converting your bitmap drawings to resolution-independent vector images.
  • Export to a wide variety of formats such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TGA, EPS (monochrome only), TIFF, PDF, and PICT (Mac only).
  • Draw naturally with a pen tablet and recreate the sensation of drawing on paper offering an incredibly natural drawing experience.
  • Simplify your layout and design process with easy to use features such as a variety of built-in rulers that save you time.
  • Color artwork using the integrated tool set enabling you to mix and blend for custom color work.
  • Convert 2D images to line and tone data by using the 2DLT Rendering function.
  • Import 3D objects and easily transform them into tone and line drawings by using the 3DLT rendering function.
  • Add speed line and focus line effects in seconds to express motion or moods.
  • Work with precision using unlimited layers.
  • Select from a suite of advanced filters to quickly apply distortions and special effects to your artwork.

Note: price on the listing reflects that of the "Pro" version. The "EX" version can be purchased for $219 here.

What's New

Version 1.7.4:
Improvements (DEBUT/PRO/EX)
  • [Output cache] has been added to items that can be reset in the [Initial boot] dialog box. You can reset the cache created when running [Export multiple pages] or [Corner store print]. The exported data will not be deleted.
  • [Object Launcher] has been added to the [View] menu. Hide or display the [Object Launcher] that pops up when selecting a 3D material.
  • The option [When changing brush size, display circle in the center of the canvas to show brush size] has been added to the [Preferences] dialog box > [Tool]. Hide or display a circle to preview the brush size when changing the brush size.
  • You can now open multiple files via [File] menu > [Open].
  • Settings chosen in the [File] menu > [Export animation] will now be maintained in subsequent launches.
  • [macOS] When livestreaming with Google Hangouts or pixiv Sketch, you can now choose the CLIP STUDIO PAINT window.
  • [Create Fanzine], [Export EPUB Data], and [Publish Comic for Kindle] have been added to the side menu. You can export works made in CLIP STUDIO PAINT in several formats.
Changes of specification (DEBUT/PRO/EX)
  • In [Tool Property] for inputting text, the initial display settings for the [Font list] have been changed to [Display font name in specific font].
  • Files that are smaller than the [Canvas] window will now be opened at 100% scale. The following has been reversed to operate the same as Ver. 1.6.8. and earlier.
  • The display locations of the [Object Launcher] and [Movement Manipulator] have been changed. The launcher will display below 3D materials when setting fast view for a 3D layer inside a frame border folder or when hiding a frame mask, etc. In addition, the [Object Launcher] now displays in a location that is less likely to overlap with other features such as manipulators.
  • You can now use the canvas window and [Page Management] window when displaying the [3D Preview for Binding] dialog box.


  • OS X 10.9 or later
  • GPUs compatible with OpenGL 2.1
  • 2 GB disk space


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12 Jun 2018
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